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20 Most Spectacular Sunrise and Sunset Points in India

The land of amazing natural beauty, India, offers its admirers with a plethora of blissful places that are irreplaceable and which stay immortal in their memories. Some of these spots show their best qualities at the opening and closing times of the day. These spots talk about towering mountains, romantic beaches and river side drives. To explain the beauty of them, here is a list of 20 most spectacular sunrise and sunset points in India    

Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Asia's Best and World's Seventh Best Beach: Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island
Sunset View of Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island - Image Source
Quiet from the rest of the busy Andaman, Radhanagar beach is a long white sandy location which covers itself into hues of golden at similar looking times of the day; dawn and dusk. Rightfully known as Asia’s best beach, Radhanagar on the Havelock Island of Andaman has its beauty defined by turquoise blue waters and white sand accompanied by lush forest and palm trees. The trick to enjoy the gorgeous sunset or sunrise here is go barefoot. Walk into the slow gentle waves as they wash the shore, feel the cool breeze and just savor the breathtaking sight in front of you. Do not forget to bring your love interest, while you witness its magical aura.

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Sunrise View Point of Kanyakumari
Sunrise View Point of Kanyakumari
Watching the sun setting down at the southernmost tip of Indian peninsula is a sight that can live in your memories for a lifetime. Kanyakumari in the state of TamilNadu is special not only because it is India’s Land’s end, but it has the confluence of three ocean bodies-Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, right in front of it. This makes watching the sunset/sunrise a one of a kind experience. To have a clear and panoramic view of the beach front getting glistened in the reddish shades of the setting sun, you can climb up to the lighthouse available at the beach. Similar things can also be said about the moonrise at Kanyakumari.    

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Marine Drive Cochin

A view of the setting sun at Marine Drive
A view of the setting sun at Marine Drive, Image Credit : Sanish Bhaskaran (Flickr)
When was the last time your eyes were stuck at the orange horizon of the setting sun? Little vague in your head. Isn’t it? One visit to the Marine Drive in Cochin (Kochi) and you will never forget such an experience. You can call it God’s own sunset as that is how the divine illuminates. Romantic minds describe it as a perfect setting, a perfect selection of colors by nature as it paints the evening at the Marine drive harbor. The sun is gone but the rays are left shimmering as if it forgot to take them along.


Sunset at Varkala
Sunset at Varkala, Image Credit : Koshy Koshy
It’s like an artist’s impression; Varkala in the secluded zones of Kerala has a story to tell. At the day time when the sun is high on its shine, Varkala with its brown sands, landscapes and silver lined waterfront, is a lot wonderful. But, as soon as the sun recedes, the canvas starts to take shape. In shades of golden and orange, the paradise starts with its show. Make a jump in the waves for they are gentle. The shadows in which you will emerge out describe the mood of the evening sun; mystically beautiful.

Tiger Hills

Sunrise View at Tiger Hills
Sunrise View at Tiger Hills, Image Credit : Anjan03
Start early at dawn to witness some of the most magnificent sights on the planet. Tiger Hill in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal, offers a spectacular show of the morning sun as it showers its first rays on the mighty Himalayas. Particularly, the highest of the mountain peaks in the world, Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest. It starts with the mountains turning reddish pink. Moments later, the peaks turn all fiery yellow as if molten gold has been poured on them. Quite a breathtaking sight to bestow. Also explains the significance of Tiger hill.

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Puri Beach

Sunset View at Puri Beach
Sunset View at Puri Beach, Image Credit : Anjan03
Puri on the eastern coast of India is famous for its spectacular beach. Continuously washed down by the waves of Bay of Bengal, Puri beach has its charm that radiates in many colors. Especially at the time of sunrise and sunset. The lovely beach usually stay crowded with tourists during the daytime, but as the evening comes, solace becomes the fact of the hour. Hence, a perfect setting for the couples or families to spend a quality time at the newly tuned golden beach.

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Taj Mahal

Sunrise view at Taj Mahal
Sunrise view at Taj Mahal, Imace Credit : Dave Schreier (Flickr)
What adds more to the beauty of a monument? In my opinion, it’s the nature’s setting that suddenly makes the beauty of the monument reach its zenith. But do you know what effect it has on one of the most beautiful monuments on this planet, the Taj Mahal?. Well, you have to see for yourself when the first rays of the morning sun glisten this pure marble structure. The white turning little golden and casting its shadows on the structures around it, a sight which is something really pleasing to the eyes. Plus, at that time of the day you can get a breather from the huge crowd.

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Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Sunset view at Umiam Lake
Sunset view at Umiam Lake, Image credit : Dinesh Babu
A reservoir in the nature clad, lush hills of Meghalaya, Umiam lake is a beautiful sojourn. It’s breathtaking natural setting makes it more special at the twin times of the day-sunrise/sunset. Hues of orange slowly descending from the lake, sky and the verdant surroundings as the sun starts to hide itself down the horizon; with a romanticism like this, and the lake is your favorite place near Shillong.       

Vagator, Goa

Sunrise at Vagator beach Goa
Sunrise at Vagator beach Goa, Image Source: Joe josepi90
Dramatic red cliffs on its shore and while you stand on top of them, having a hemispherical view of the surroundings down below, your eyes will catch the sight of many. Seagulls flying close to the dropping waves, a tiny little sun calling it a day in the horizon, few boys playing ball game at the sandy shore, shacks laying in open waiting for the evening party to start. The clam and quiet Vagator beach in Goa is where you need to hit up during the evening. Although it might not be that quiet when the party lights will turn on, but nevertheless would be beautiful.

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Nandi Hills

Sunrise at Nandi Hills
Sunrise at Nandi Hills, Image Credit : Sribha Jain
What is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Nandi hills in Bangalore? You can try with waking up earlier than the sun and head to the top of the hills. At the break of dawn, you will have a splendid view, for which you never gave a thought. To do that, you need to arrive at Nandi hills a day before, camp there overnight and welcome the sun the very first (as the ticket window opens at 6 am).

Rann of Kutch

Sunset at Rann of Kutch
Sunset at Rann of Kutch
The white desert of India, Rann of Kutch has an unmatched beauty that glows in different colors. Blinding white at the day time when the sun is directly over its head or like an icy blue land with patches of orange that goes to the footsteps of the drowning sun in the evening. Same can be said in the case of the morning sun as it sparkles the salty land of the Rann. So now, it’s your call what to save in your photo gallery.

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Brahmaputra River, Dibrugarh

Sunrise at Brahmaputra River Ghat
Sunrise at Brahmaputra River Ghat, Image Credit : Ishtiaque Fazlul
It is amongst the most wonderful times when the day and night clash with each other, urging for a space in the sky. And when most of the southern India is famous for offering blue and orange sunsets, at the mighty Brahmaputra River in Dibrugarh, it is a series of yellow and purple shades. You can also see patterns of red and crimson yellow when the sun glistens the mighty Brahmaputra River and turn it into a water body of blessed crystals.

Alleppey Beach, Kerala

Sunrise view at Alleppey
Sunrise view at Alleppey, Image Source : Kunal Sinha
Among the many leisure activities that you can do at Alleppey, the most alluring of them is enjoying the sunset at the beautiful Alleppey beach. As dusk sets in, blue waters of the beach turn sparkling gold and orange. It is easy to understand why some just get stuck at this sight as if they are hypnotized. To enjoy it up close, walk to the edge of the decrepit bridge (a major landmark at the beach).
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Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Sunrise view at Mount Abu
Sunrise view at Mount Abu, Image Credit : Rajesh Bajaj
Located in the south west of the scenic Nakki lake in Mount Abu, the sunset point is a major tourist attraction in the hill station. It is at one of the peaks of the Aravalli range and watching the sun go down from here is a real treat to the eyes. With the beautiful Nakki Lake shining in the sun like a crazy diamond in sight, it is altogether a different experience.

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Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

Sunset Point at Pachmarhi
Sunset Point at Pachmarhi, Image Credit : Angel Eyes9
High in the Satpura ranges of Madhya Pradesh, lies the hill station of Pachmarhi. Blessed with evergreen sceneries of nature, the hill station is also known as the queen of Satpura. Its beauty is also defined by the beautiful sunsets and sunrises as they pierce the whole of the hill station with their golden hues.

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Nubra Valley

Sunrise view at Nubra Valley
Sunrise view at Nubra Valley, Image Source : Flickr
The three armed valley in the northeast of Ladakh, Nubra has its essence in the oasis like green villages, surrounded by the sand dunes of the Himalayas. Catching the sight of the rising sun at this highly contrasting zone of colors (blue sky with patches of white clouds, green pastures with silver dunes all around), is an experience like no other. Agreed that the region is tough with extreme temperatures, but as soon as you will see this phenomenal sight, you will fall in love with it.  

Agumbe, Karnataka

Beautiful misty sunrise view from Kavaledurga fort
Beautiful misty sunrise view from Kavaledurga fort, Image Source : Flickr
While on a hunt of catching the best sunrises across India, one can make his way to Agumbe. Agumbe is a small village in the state of Karnataka. Sometimes they call it the Cherrapunji of South. So, if you happen to travel to this place at the wee hours of the morning, you may catch the sight of the morning sun illuminating the freshly drenched hill station. Perfect for a rainbow too.

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Sunrise view at Mussoorie
Sunrise view at Mussoorie, Image Credit : Deepak Rawat
It is near the Char Bazaar in Mussoorie where around 6am in the morning, the sun plays its game with the lofty snow covered mountain peaks right in front of the hill station. Famous as the sunrise point, it offers a sight that you can cherish for long.

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Matheran, Maharashtra

Sunset at Matheran
Sunset at Matheran, Image Credit : antti.keskitalo
Matheran in the state of Maharashtra is home to more than 30 points from where you can witness some of the best sunrises and sunsets you ever wish for. This very popular hill station resides between Mumbai and Pune and is known for its excellent views of the valley surrounding it.

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Top 25 Scenic Train Routes in India

The third largest railway network in the world (read India) has a number of interest facts that not many are aware of. Around 161 years old, if the tracks of the train routes of India would be laid, they would circling the earth around 1.5 times. The trains of India join 65000 km of the country and carry around 30 million passengers. A train journey is always a memorable experience. As the train chugs on its track, its rhythmic vibration takes the travelers to another world. Some of the train routes of the country are known for offering some breathtaking views, ensuring an unforgettable experience. The blog enlists 25 of the most beautiful train routes in India:

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (Toy Train)

Journey: New Jalpaiguri - Darjeeling

The World heritage Site of Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or the Toy Train also boasts of being India’s oldest mountain railways. Circular loops are an amazing feature of this rail route that offers it an accession. Batasia Loop is the most famous one, known for offering mesmerizing views of the Mt Kanchenjunga and the town. When the train is travelling upwards from Sukna, it passes a number of small towns, crossing tea factories, lush tea estates and mini forests of cherry, chestnut pear and maple. You can also have a look into some of the Gurkha settlements. The toy train also gulps past the hustling-bustling highway, offering a lovely experience.

2. Train Journey amid Snow

Journey: Qazigund - Srinagar - Baramulla
This is an enchanting part of the Kashmir Railway, working from Jammu to Qazigund in the present times. Once the train route would be completely operational, this journey is going to join the plains to the pristine valley that means Jammu to Baramulla. The train is going to make its way traversing through snow-covered mountains peaks placed at a distance, the tall Chinar trees sprinkled here and there and entering into the Heaven on Earth, Valley of Kashmir. This route is a real to the eyes of the onlooker in the winter months when there is snow all around like a pure white sheet.

3. The Goan Soujourn

Journey:  Vasco Da Gama - Londa Junction
The beach state of Goa is world-renowned for its lovely beaches and carefree atmosphere, nonetheless this state also has another attraction that you surely cannot miss out on. The dense forests, verdant villages and plentiful waterfalls in the region are the magical attractions that fall on the Goan Rail routes. The train journey begins from Vasco Da Gama passing by the pristine beaches and taking you to curvy rugged paths of the Western Ghats from you can offer an enchanting view of the Dudhsagar Falls. This 4-tiered waterfall is one of the highest falls in the country.

A train ride from Vasco takes you from the serene beaches to the precarious curves of Western Ghat Mountains offering a breathtaking sight of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls, one of India’s highest and most exquisite falls.

4. The Kangra Valley Journey

The Kangra Valley Railway is one of the most mesmerizing train journeys in India.

Journey: Pathankot - Kangra - Palampur - Jogindernagar

The sub-Himalayan area in the state of Himachal Pradesh has the Kanga Valley Journey. The train starts chugging from Pathankot Junction (Punjab), covering a distance of 164 km before it reaches Jogindernagar in Himachal Pradesh state. On the way, it makes way through lush valleys, rivers and various passes. Though the speed of the train is a little on the slow side but the mesmerizing views make the journey a worthwhile. Once you cross Palampur, the sight of snow-clad Dhauladhar hills completely charms you. Kangra Valley Passenger is the sole train right now that runs on this route.

5. The Kashmir Railway

Journey: Jammu - Udhampur

It is no exaggeration that the Kashmir Railway is one of country’s most challenging projects but it surely is one of the most mesmerizing too. Extreme weather conditions and difficult terrain make this route an exciting train journey. This route meanders through 20 tunnels and 100 bridges over the mighty Himalayas that would later include the tallest railway bridge in India, which is currently under construction. This journey includes views of valleys, rivers and Shivalik Ranges.

6. The Konkan Odyssey

Journey: Ratnagiri-Madgaon-Honnavar-Mangalore
Exciting scenic beauty, views of the splendid Sahyadari hills, striking curves and a number of water bodies form an amazing part of the Konkan Odyssey. Apart from offering panoramic views, this train route can also be seen as the amazing work done by the Indian engineers who constructed this amazing route after crossing challenges such as frequent landslides.

7. Nilgiri Mountain Railway


As the blue and cream colored train slides- up the Nilgiris, the combination looks really pretty. This train journey has been running for more than 110 years and must be experienced at least once. The train covers the distance of around 46 km to Ooty that is of four and a half hours. Enjoy yourselves when the train traverses through the rugged terrains and then the expansive tea gardens. The sound of the steam engine spells an old-world charm on the travelers and gives the feel of the time of the British rule.

8. Matheran Hill Train Railway

Lying amid the Western Ghats, Matheran is one of the most popular weekend destinations for the people of Mumbai. The place has abundant scenic beauty as vehicles are not allowed inside the hill town.  To reach Matheran, once can simply walk or opt for a pony ride. Matheran Hill Train Railway, a narrow gauge track, boasts of being Maharashtra’s only heritage railway. Constructed between 1901 and 1907 by Abdul Hussein Adamjee Peerbhoy, this 20 km long rail link connects Neral and Matheran. The distance of the journey is around one and a half hours and offers lovely views including huge stretches of forests. Savor the peace spread around.

9. Himalayan Queen: Kalka-Shimla Toy train

Journey:Kalka – Shimla
Country’s only mountain railway that is still being used, this rail route between Kalka and Shimla finds its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for owning the steepest altitude rise in the distance of 96 km. Bounded by the lofty Shivalik ranges on each side, this rail track was established in the year 1903 and crosses 864 bridges and 107 tunnels. The scenery on the way casts a charm on you with fresh air, maple, oak and pine trees. It surely is a ride of a lifetime.

10. Dooars Voyage 

Journey: Siliguri – New Mal – Hasimara –Alipurduar

Small falls gushing down from the hills of Sikkim, cascading River Teesta dissecting the lush tea estates and huge stretch of thick jungle housing varied wildlife make Dooars a natural wonder that is worth-visiting. Recently made a broad gauge with very little traffic, the journey crosses some of the most popular wildlife reserves such as Chapramari Forest, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary that are bustling with a varied flora and fauna. Admire the various streams that pass by. As the speed of the train is slow, one can also get down at Rajabhatkhawa, Chalsa and Hasimara and enjoy the surroundings.

11.Through the Desert

Journey: Jaipur-Jaisalmer
Nicknamed as the ‘Golden City’, Jaisalmer is known to be the hub of camel safaris in the expansive Thar Desert of Rajasthan state. A train sojourn from the Pink City of Jaipur to Jaisalmer through the sterile expanses of the Thar is going to be a superb experience. The vibrant settlements of colorful mud huts and stray camels grazing in the flat desert against the rising sun can be a sight to cherish forever in life.

12.Aromas of Assam 

Journey: Guwahati - Lumding - Silchar

The aromatic fragrance of Assam fills your nostril as the train moves towards the verdant Haflong valleys that stands attached. Next the train chugs along the Jatinga River, flowing along. After running for a few more hours, you can admire the tea estates of the valley of Barak and then finally, you get to see the plains. The journey now moves southwards connecting Agartala to the remaining country.

13. Araku Valley Railway

Vizag - Araku
The lovely Araku Valley is extremely popular for its aromatic tea plantations and dense jungles, often explored by nature enthusiasts. The important Eastern Indian port city of Vishakhapatnam has a rail route to this valley that lies on Kothavalasa and Kirandul Line. Treat your eyes to the panoramic views of cascading waterfalls and a number of caves.  One of India’s broad hill railways, it was laid down for the transportation of iron ore from Chattisgarh mines to Vishakhapatnam or Vizag.

14. The Sea Bridge Odyssey

Journey:  Mandapam - Pamban - Rameswaram
The sea bridge connecting Tamil Nadu’s Mandapam to Pamban Island is the country’s second longest sea bridge. The view from above, while the train is crossing the Gulf of Mannar, is going to leave you spellbound.

15. Malnad Charm 

Journey: Hassan - Mangalore
Malnad region is a perfect combination of Areca nut palm trees and quaint lush paddy fields. During this rail journey, the best stretch is from Sakleshpur station and Subramanya station. Between these railway stations, the train crosses 57 tunnels where you can treat your eyes to the pretty views of the crystal clear waterfalls and mist-clad peaks mountains spread all over.

16. The Western Ghat Wander

Journey: Karjat - Lonavala
Starting from Maharashtra’s Karjat as the train passes the place, it chugs into the locality of the lofty Western Ghats that are known for their rich biodiversity.  During the rainy season, this rail route becomes all the more beautiful with gushing waterfall and several clear streams. The thick green vegetation with the hills in the background create a lovely scene from your train’s window. Before the ascending journey up the Monkey Hill starts, the train crisscross through Thakurwadi village, passing dreamy Khandala and then finally reaching Khandala.

17. The Coastal Kerala Experience

Journey: Ernakulam Kollam - Trivandrum
A train ride beginning from Cochin or Ernakulam and up to Kollam or Quilon is one of the most mesmerizing ways to experience the charm of Kerala state. This odyssey is almost like complete vacation that includes the crystal clear lakes, the placid backwaters, a glance into the life of the Kerala villages, the lush coconut grooves, paddy field and more. This journey along the long coast of the Arabian Sea would be a memorable one.

18. The Chambal Experience

Journey: Agra to Gwalior
Ill-famed as Chambal ki Ghati, the Chambal region has always been under scanner for several decades because of the notorious dacoits (group of robbers) who have been popular for huge number of crimes like robberies, extortions and murders. However, that is not all that is famous about Chambal, there is something else too. The dense green patches give an extremely soothing feeling to the eyes. Chambal River has fed the ravines for ages. A train journey that starts from Agra and end at Gwalior passes through the green Chambal region, not only offering a beautiful sight but also creating a feeling of excitement and adventure in one’s self.

19. The Travancore Express

Journey: Kollam - Punalur - Sengottai
The first train on this route chugged off, way back in the year 1907 when the then Maharaja of Travancore had inaugurated the event. The stretch of this journey is between Punalur and Sengottai. This section is a treat to the eyes of the on-looker as one can savor the sights of lush greenery and a number of architectural wonders. The picture of a bridge with 13 arches is going to stay with you. Earlier the journey was up to Punalur only but in 2013 the journey extended and the route became the fastest way connecting Trivandrum and Chennai.

20. Andhra Odyssey

Journey: Guntakal - Guntur

The route from Guntakal to Guntur takes you through the lovely Eastern Ghats offering a beautiful sight, mainly between Dhone and Cumbum. Though most of the express trains make to this stretch during night hours but there are some trains that offer the passengers a chance to savor this lovely side of Andhra Pradesh state. Cumbum station offers a lovely view of the Cumbum Lake, known for being Asia’s oldest man-made lake.

21.Viewing Lake Chilika 

Journey: Bhubaneswar to  Brahmapur
In Orissa, if you travel from Bhubaneswar to Brahmapur, the grand Eastern Ghats would be on your right side and the Chilika Lake would on left. A paradise for the migratory birds in India, Chilika Lake is the planet’s second largest lagoon. If you like bird spotting, do not miss to look out of your train window through your binoculars.

22. Tribal Orissa Experience 

Journey: Koraput to Rayagada
 Koraput-Rayagada line or the popular KR line is a brach of the the Kirandul- Kothavalasa railway line. While Rayagada is over 200 m above the sea level, Koraput is at an elevation of around 800 m. When the train slides down from Koraput to Rayagada, the downhill view looks pretty. Horse-shoe shaped curve and thick jungles are added attractions.

23. Aravali Escapade 

Journey: Himmatnagar - Udaipur/Mavli - Marwar

The old Aravali ranges boast of rocky ridges that made because of the erosion of an age-old folded mountain. In the Rajasthan state, the Aravali hills run from north to south. These hills have been witness to the rich history of this royal state. Get aboard a train to a journey in the interiors would offer you a chance to interest with the locals.

24. Shindavane and Ambale Adventure

Journey: Pune to Satara 
Shindavane Ghats are popular for the lofty sterile Sahyadari Mountains. This train journey passes through these hills and crosses past rocks on all its sides, forming a thrilling sight. This railway stretch is a part of the Central Railways, starting from Pune and ending at Satara.

25. Gir Safari Route

Journey: Junagarh to Delvada
Traverse through the wild hills of Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat while on a train that is chugging on a Meter gauge railway from Junagadh to Delvada.  A laid-back train journey, it is the best chance for you to take a halt at Gir as well as get an insight into the western region of the state, called Saurashtra. As the train stops at Sasan Gir Railway Station, make your way to the National Park for wildlife spotting. As the train runs along the western coast of Gujarat, you can also visit Diu.
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Luxury Watch Week in Dubai 2015

Dubai is known for its lavish and elaborate affairs. On 18th October 2015, this city extremely popular for its luxury shopping experiences, is going to have its own Dubai Watch Week. The watch week would be on till 22nd October. This event headed by Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, a famous luxury retailer group, it comprises of retail events, educational seminars, preview of priceless watch auction pieces, round-table discussions and an exhibition of those timeless watches that will be displayed in the forthcoming Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve watch industry awards show.

 An amazing addition to the shopping experience that Dubai has to offer, this event would be bringing in an extraordinary range of luxury watches into the market place and would be adding onto the sales in the case of both local and visiting buyers. According to Hind Seddiqi, CMO of Seddiqi Holdings, Dubai is one of the world’s top 5 shopping destinations and is listed amongst the world’s top 10 Swiss watch importers that makes it one of Middle East’s most important markets of watches.

Elaborating about the event, she said it would be a platform for watch enthusiasts as well as collectors who wish to gain more knowledge about watch industry, have good communication with the experts and know about the latest advancements in watch making. All this would be done through educational platform, forums, an auction, exhibitions and class on watch making.

The aim of this this non-commercial event is to bring together the main players from the world market of watch making. People attending the event would get a chance to interact with renowned collectors, watching personalities, brands and experts at the Dubai International Financial Centre. 

She added that every edition of Dubai Watch Week would be focused a distinct features of art making. In this addition, the focus is on the account of the Swiss watch industry. The theme this year is Innovation and Technology. During this 5-day affair, there would be Private as well as Public programs along with an exhibition, organized simultaneously at The Dubai Mall.

Special programs have been made for the Dubai watch Week with the aims to encourage the art of watchmaking and to garner the interest of the present generation towards the same. As far as cultural aspect of the week is concerned, it is going to concentrate on engrossing the collectors and adding on their knowledge about the industry.

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Tourist E-Visa for Chinese Nationals

E-Tourist Visa facility has been launched for Chinese nationals. From July 30, Chinese Nationals will be able to arrive at nine Indian airports after applying for tourist visas online. With this endeavor, relationship between India and China is expected to get healthier.

As per Indian officials, the e-Tourist visa application would get processed within four days and will cost US$ 60. Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi announced the same on Chinese Twitter- Sina Weibo, and wrote to his 1.76 lakh followers. His message (posted in Chinese) said, "I am delighted to share that the e-Tourist Visa is now available to passport holders of China. I had talked about this during my China visit, and the Government of India has fulfilled this promise."

After taking note of the Chinese outbound tourism, it has been analyzed that though 100 million Chinese travel overseas every year but visits to India have remained very low. The e-tourist visa facility aims to increase Chinese tourist inflow that has remained low through the years. The main reason behind the low figures was the difficulty which occurred during visa application that required the person to personally go to visa centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and deposit 10,000 RMB (Rs. 1 lakh) as a financial guarantee.

During visit to China in the month of May, Narendra Modi announced that Indian government has decided to grant e-Tourist visa facility that is already available for more than 70 countries. His decision came as a complete surprise to all as the security agencies of the country because of security reasons and China too, did not reciprocate the move.

"This will deepen connectivity between our nations". "Come, experience the beauty of Incredible India!" Modi said on Weibo. He also added that this move will definitely add to the connectivity between the neighbors.

According to a statement given by the Indian Embassy, e-visa facility would allow Chinese, including nationals from Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions of China, to travel to India easily for sightseeing, casual visits, recreation, short-duration medical treatment and casual business visits.

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Top 20 Things To Do in Jodhpur

Sun City, Blue City and other such beautiful names are enjoyed by much-deserved Jodhpur, the largest city of Rajasthan. The city’s people have embraced their age-old culture and this is one of the major reasons why it is visited by huge number of people, regardless of their geographical location.

It’s not its culture; Jodhpur has some legendary edifices to be proud of, like the Umaid Bhavan Palace, Mehrangarh Palace and Jaswant Thada. Talking of culture again, it comes as an obvious fact that Jodhpur houses a number of important temples and its festivals like Maand Festival, RIFF and Kite Festival are among some of India’s most vibrant festivals.

Nature-lovers have lakes to spend their time around, while adventure-seekers can try their hands on different adventure-activities like the flying fox.

This article focuses on the humongous opportunities Jodhpur holds for you. So, here are top 20 things to do in Jodhpur.

1. Visit the Massive Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort - Things to do in Jodhpur
Mehrangarh Fort : One of the largest forts of India
This obviously had to be at the top of the list. One of the largest forts of India, Mehrangarh Fort sits upon a hillock at a height of 120 meters, overlooking the Blue City of Jodhpur. The fort isn’t beautiful or delicate, but it is legendary and impressive. Impressions of cannon balls are still seen on one of its seven gates. It was built sometime around 1460 by Rao Jodha. The fort isn’t all about rugged charm; you can have a look at some of the best masterpieces in the gallery of the fort. The museum showcases armory, paintings, turbans, folk music instruments, palanquins, elephants’ howdahs etc.

2. Experience the Essence of Royalty in the Umaid Bhawan Palace 

Umaid Bhawan Palace - Experience the essence of royalty
Front View of Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur
Umaid Bhawan is probably one of the most iconic palaces in India, better yet; it has now been transformed into a luxury hotel. By 1943, the construction of the palace was completed and today it is one the largest residences in the world. The palace is divided into three parts- hotel, residence of royal family and a museum. The museum lets its visitors get the taste of history through various artifacts and other exhibits. Pictures of the palace during different times in the place, banner and antique clocks are some of most outstanding exhibits here. Also the vintage car collection gallery is a prime highlight.

3. Spend Some Time in Jaswant Thada

Jaswant Thada - Things to do in Jodhpur
Jaswant Thada : A White-marble Memorial Landmark
Stark yet soothing, Jaswant Thada, a white-marble memorial was built by 1899 by Maharajas Jaswant Singh ii in the memory of his father. Today, like it has always been, this is an important landmark in Jodhpur. It is a cremation ground for Jodhpur which is prettified with jali-work, portraits of Rathore rulers, mulch-tiered garden, a small lake and carved gazeboz. The memorial is located to the left of Mehrangarh Fort and one needs to trek through rocky hill in order to reach here.

4. Balsamand Lake

Balsamand Lake - Things to do in Jodhpur
Balsamand Lake : A water reservoir lake in Jodhpur
Balsamand Lake was built in 1159 AD in order to provide water to Mandore. This one-kilometer long lake is located beside the Balsamand Lake Palace which was built as a summer palace. Peacocks, jackals and other such animals and birds can be spotted from the lake. Grove of mango, papaya, plum, guava and pomegranate etc. surround it.

5. Kaylana Lake

Having lazy hillocks and Babul trees by its side, Kaylana Lake dates back to 1872 when Maharaja Pratap Singh built it. The palaces and gardens built by former rulers were destroyed in order to give space to this lake which covers an area of 84 km sq. This scenic spot is ideal for bird-viewing, as migratory birds like Siberian Crane come here and build their nests. A lot many nature-lovers, photographer and people looking for some alone-moments spend their time by the lake or boating on it.

6. Shop Around the iconic Ghanta Ghar

Ghanta Ghar - Things to do in Jodhpur

Located beside the bustling Sadar Bazar, Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower is often frequented because of rich colorful goods sold in the vicinity. People can buy marble-inlay items, miniature elephants and camels, clay figurines, Rajasthani textiles and traditional jewelry among many other items, from the market.

7. Gangaur festival

Gangaur festival - Things to do in Jodhpur
Celebration of Gangaur Festival in Jodhpur
This is a popular festival celebrated in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. It falls in March or April and is specially celebrated by girls and women. Ladies worship Lord Shiva’s consort, Gauri in order to celebrated marital fidelity, spring and harvest. While unmarried girls pray for a good husband, married ones pray for a happy married life. Ladies fast for eighteen days, apply mehendi, some families even paint fresh wooden images each year, sing songs of Ghudlia during the span of the festival.

8. Visit Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Jodha Desert Rock Park - Things to do in Jodhpur
Enterance gate of  Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park
This, one-of-its kind park, is situated beside the mighty Mehrangarh Fort. The main intention of its founders was to make a suitable home for native plants that grow on rocks and they are indeed doing fantastic job. There are three trails for the tourists, all of which lead back to the Visitors Center, where you can not only buy tickets but can also relax in the café or buy souvenirs. Jaswant Thada is located very near to the park.

9. Treat your eyes with the Cenotaphs of Mandore Garden

The Cenotaphs (or dewals) of Mandore Garden are popular local attraction. One if its unique feature is that it doesn’t have any semblances with typical chhatri-shaped cenotaphs of Rajasthan. They are built mainly of red sandstone with elegant spires, four stories and fine columns. Surrounding these cenotaphs are manicured gardens, which has a Shrine of the Three Hundred Million Gods with vivid images of Hindu god.

10. Go for Desert Safari at Ossian

Desert Safari at Ossian - Things to do in Jodhpur
Desert Safari in Jodhpur
Osian Desert is renowned for its intricately carved Jain and Hindu Temples, such as Surya Temple and Sachiya Mata Temple. Since most of the temples have erotic sculptures, Ossian is also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan. Other than that, the desert served as an important trading center on the Silk Route between 8th and 12th centuries. Opting for camel-safari is one of the best things you can do here.

11. Fly kites in Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival

Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival - Things to do in Jodhpur
International Kite Festival in Jodhpur
One of India’s most popular festivals, Jodhpur International Desert Kite Festival is attended by people coming from different parts of the world, many of whom visit Jodhpur exclusively for the festival. This three-day long festival takes place annually and features colorful and unique kites throughout the ground. Here you can witness one-of-its-kinds kite-flying choreography. Various competitions are also held here such as the Display Flying and Fighter Kite Competition, winners of which are awarded dinner at an exotic location.

12. Jodhpur RIFF - Rajasthan International Folk Festival

Jodhpur RIFF - Rajasthan International Folk Festival
Performing cultural event on RIFF festival in Jodhpur
There perhaps isn’t a better way to get in acquaintance with the essence of Rajasthan, other than attending Rajasthan International Folk Festival, which also happens to be one of India’s most popular festivals. The event celebrates and promotes traditional folk music and arts of Rajasthan. It is made even grander as it takes place in the premises of Mehrangarh Fort.

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13. Pay a visit to Udai Mandir

Udai Mandir - Things to do in Jodhpur
Udai Mandir in Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Udai Mandir is one of Jodhpur’s popular temples. It is supported by 102 pillars and stands on a huge platform. The walls are adorned with paintings of Yogasanas and Nath Yogis. The Garbha Griha of the temple is covered with cloth, with railing around it finely carved. Known for its architecture, the gold polish of the temple hasn’t lost its sheen.

14. Enjoy Nature’s Beauty in Umed Garden

Covering an area of about 82 acres, Umed Garden is named after Maharaja Umed Singh, who developed it. The park, other than beautiful flowers houses a museum, library, fountain and zoo. The zoo is named Walk in Aviary and was constructed in 1978.  Here, you can spot ducks, crocodiles, lions, deers, leopards, foxes, rabbits, local, Australian and African parrots, among many.

15. Walk Around The Rai ka Baag Palace

Rai ka Baag Palace is located near Raika Palace Railway Station. It was built in 1663 by the queen of Maharaja Jaswant Singh-I and was King Jaswant Singh II’s favorite palaces. He loved to spend time in palace’s octagonal-shaped bungalow. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj, visited the palace and gave sermons in the ground in 1883.

16. Flying Fox

Flying Fox - Things to do in Jodhpur
Flying Fox : An Adventurous Sport in Jodhpur
With the incredible backdrop of Mehrangarh Fort (one of the largest forts of India), you can try your favorite adventure- Flying Fox. This not only gets your adrenaline rushing but lets you savor spectacular views of the vicinity. Also, you don’t have to worry about the safety as this activity is offered by experienced company that takes safety as a priority.

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17. Marwar Festival

Marwar Festival - Things to do in Jodhpur
Marwar Festival in Jodhpur 
Falling in the month September or October, Marwar Festival or Maand Festival is celebrated for two days. Maand basically is a form of traditional music that talks about romance and grandeur of Rajasthan rulers. The festival dates back to 1459 AD when the Rathore’s chief Rao Jodha found it. During the festival various events and activities take place- such as puppet shows, magic shows, horse-riding, camel tattoo shows, horse-polo along with dancing and singing.

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18. Take a Stroll on the Sardar Government Museum

Taking you down the memory lane, Sardar Government Museum houses weapons, textiles, coins, miniatures, portraits, manuscripts, local crafts and sculptures that date back to 6th and 10th century. The museum was built during the reign of Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1909. When done with the museum, you can take a stroll in the zoo or read in the public library.

19. Go Shopping in Sarafa Bazaar

Sarafa Bazar is a one-stop shop, dealing in anything and everything such as footwear, Bandhinis, antiques, bangles, accessories, leather items, textiles, utensils and what not!

20. Visit Mahamandir Temple

Mahamandir Temple - Things to do in Jodhpur
Mahamandir Temple in Jodhpur, Rajasthan
Dating back to 1812, Mahamandir Temple is a brilliant piece of architecture and off course, its spiritual significance. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This 84-pillared temple features stone carvings that depict various asanas and other artworks.

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