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Luxurious 'Make in India' New Train Coaches by Indian Railways

If you always thought that traveling through Indian Railways is a bad idea because of the debauched condition of the trains, you will definitely change your mind after reading this blog. Trains of Indian Railways have always been criticized for dirty toilets, torn bed sheets, cockroaches, small births and more. But, the scene is completely going to chance as Indian Railways has introduced New Make in India train coaches, looking at par with the coaches of luxury trains, for changing the way the people will travel. The most remarkable features of new Indian Railway Train Coaches:

Capacious, Larger Berths and Jerk-less Seats

Indian Railways Coaches

While the seats are now going to more capacious, the berths too are going to be bigger than before. A new feature of tray tables has also been added. The special design of the seats has ensured that the seats are structured in such a manner that they are jerk-resistant. The new seats are fire-resistant too as they are made from special poly-vinyl fabric. Along with this, all the seats are now going to have holders to keep water, installed right next to them. There is no more need for you to look beyond your seat to place you bottle of Rail Neer.

Better Security

Indian Railway -  Better Security

Fire has been a consistent problem for the Indian Railways, and this issue now has been dealt with by placing quality-tested fire extinguishers at both the ends of a compartment. Now, it has been made sure that if fire breaks at any place of the train compartment, an extinguisher would be handy to put down the fire quickly. A regular check would be conducted on these extinguishers so that they remain usable at the required hour.

Middle Berths sans Chains

Indian Railway - Middle Berths

Railings and side-supports have now taken the place of thick irritating chains that were given in middle births. These thick chains were put into use so that the middle berth stays in its place and hanged from the top berth.

New Bio Toilets

Indian Railway New Bio Toilets

Indian Railway New Bio Toilet

The Indian Railway’s new Make in India scheme is surely a blessing. The smelly and dirty toilets will now be replace from eco-friendly Bio toilets. This is an efficient way of discharging human waste, away from railway tracks. And yes, soaps will be kept in the toilets on time and dustbins will be cleared on a regular basis.

Superior Looking Compartments

Indian Railway - Superior Looking Compartments

A lovely brighter color palette is going to welcome you in the compartments that were earlier were dull blue. Colorful curtains and upholstery have been added to the compartments. Even the floor now has been painted in similar colors, which looks like a carpet. The dirty looking floor has been revamped with matching colors giving the compartment an upgraded look as carpet was not a financially feasible idea.

More Charging Points

Indian Railway Coach Charging Points

Multi mobile charging points

The condition of charging points are in a pretty sad state currently. Finding a working charging point in a train is a very tough task. The new compartments are now going to have separate charging points for laptops and cell phones. Another amazing feature would be seats with LED lights specially for reading purpose.

Better Seats in Chair Cars Compartments

Indian Railway - Chair Cars Compartments

Better ergonomic seats with proper arm rest and lumber with a table would now be present in the Chair car compartments. Tables would be placed between the seats facing each other. The present scene is that the Shatabdi trains have the most comfortable chairs. As per the new scheme, similar kind of comfortable seats would be added in other trains too.

Indian Railway - Better Seats in Chair Cars Compartments

On a trial basis, a successful run of these 24 coaches has been done between Bhopal railway station and Bina railway station. There are plans to manufacture more of such 11 coaches that would include 15 AC coaches for 3 tier, 87 non AC coaches, chair car coaches, five for AC 2 tier and one each for AC 1 tier. First of all, these coaches would be introduced in the ISO-certified trains and Rajdhani Expresses all around the country. In the second phase of the Indian Railways’ new Make in India scheme, the Coach Rehabilitation Workshop at Nishaputra, Bhopal is going to manufacture executive chair car class coaches for the Shatabdi trains.
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Top 20 Tourist Attractions in Jaisalmer

Subtly mixing history, architecture, elegance and culture is this amazing city of palaces, Jaisalmer. Located nearly 575 kilometers away from the capital of the state, this remote territory is brimming with a unique charm-a charm that any quintessential desert city would possess. Exclusive hues, cultures, structures and lifestyles define its elements as the nearby “Great Indian Desert” Thar cast its golden radiance into which the entire place seems to be subdued. 

A stunning place to visit in Rajasthan on your North Indian Sojourn, Jaisalmer will take you on an exotic ride to let you experience its incredible vibrancy, its unique tastes and its fascinating peoples. From visiting the city’s historical landmarks to getting to know its astonishing stories and history, here are our list of Top Things to Do in Jaisalmer or  Tourist Attractions in Jaisalmer....

1. Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer fort is popularly known as Sonar quila is a must visit in Jaisalmer city of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer Fort is the central and most important icon of the city. Rising from the sandy desert plains, in all its majestic splendor, the fort looms in all its glory with massive battlements, thick walls of crenelated sandstone and has about 99 bastions around its imposing façades. The city was founded by Raja Rawal Jaisal, a Bhatti ruler, who ruled somewhere around 1156 AD. 

Today the Fort is one of the most important tourist spots and still houses the following generations of the original inhabitants of the city. Inside amidst the crumbling shacks and colorful stalls one may find instances of exquisite architecture in its numerous havelis and various other structures. 

The magnificent Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan

The wells within the fort are still an important water source. Being situated on the top of the trikuta hill, the fort immediately commands attention. It has many gates and the structure within is beautifully embellished with mansions and palaces, sandstone figures, delicate pavilions, beautiful balconies. The fort stands nearly five stories tall and is frequented by both local and international travelers.

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2. Camel Safari

Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Camel Safari in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
A camel safari is one of the best way to explore the vast sands dunes and stretches of isolation and remoteness as far as the eyes can go. There are a number of tour operators that arrange these safaris, from a single day sojourn to excursions for over a month during which necessary items like food, water and shelter etc. are taken along. An escort is most certainly provided while most operators also ensure local entertainment for the guests in the evening. 

For most of the travelers, this is one of the most memorable experience of Jaisalmer or may be of India as well. Enjoying the local culture, views and sights during the day while sleeping under the canopy of stars at night is wonderfully amazing. Therefore, camel safaris are also most eagerly looked forward by the tourists and it is usually their first impression of the city. Thus, this amazing experience should not be missed.

3. Gadsisar Lake

Gadisar Lake is surrounded by numerous small Hindu temples and religious shrines.
Gadsisar Lake - A scenic rainwater lake surrounded by small temples and shrines.
Located on the outskirts of the main Jaisalmer town, Gadsisar Lake is another of the major tourist attractions for the people arriving in “The Golden City”. The Lake, however, is not an oasis but in fact a water conservation project, established around 1400 A.D by the then maharaja of Jaisalmer, Maharwal Gadsi Singh. At that time it served as the only water supply for the Jaisalmer town and due to its natural inclination and surroundings, also furnished as a site for rainwater conservation.

In later years, however, a number of temples and religious shrines were added around it and it gained prominence as more of a pilgrimage spot. Now popular as a tourist point, visitors can venture out to the Lake in winters and if they are lucky enough, can get to see a variety of migratory as well as local birds, who descend here due to its proximity to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Do not forget to carry a good pair of binoculars and a quality camera to capture some really stunning pictures, catching the mesmerizing essence of the place. 

4. Sam Sand Dunes

Camel Safari in Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer
Camel Safari in Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer
Any excursion to the town of Jaisalmer is incomplete without venturing out to see the great deserts of Rajasthan and the Sam Sand Dunes is just the place to arrive for that. Sam has some really spectacular views of expansive sand dunes and layers upon layers of sand, stretching as far as the eye could see, with little or no vegetation dotting the area. 

Therefore, it’s a perfect place to enjoy the Desert Safari, which is organized here for travelers and guests, and is a leading tourist attraction. Visitors can join the Camel Safaris, taking them deep within the heart of Thar, where pitched tents are fastened, allowing them a comprehensive Indian desert experience. Watching the sun set behind the horizon and observing the fantastic view of the stars rising in the sky is breathtaking. 

During the months of February and March, entire area turns into a cultural hotspot with a number of festivals and events being organized, showcasing the colorful Rajasthani glory and way of life. Numerous attractions like various cultural competitions, camel races, folk dance performances, puppet shows other such festivities are hugely favored amongst the locals and travelers who turn up here to revel thoroughly in the surrounding ambience and a unique and distinct atmosphere, eminently characteristic of the area.

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5. Be a foodie!

Delicious Traditional thali from Jaisalmer
Delicious Traditional thali from Jaisalmer
Rajasthan is one of most amazing places to enjoy incredible delicacies which are characteristic of the region and are especially appetizing and lip-smacking. There are delicious varieties for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians and street food is famous throughout the city. For vegetarians, there is delectable Ker Sangri, a dish made with desert beans and capers, while daal bhati churma is acclaimed throughout the country and then Panchkoot, which is a five desert vegetarian dish, cooked in yoghurt. 

For Non-Vegetarians, laal mass is a favorite, which is a meal of lamb cooked in hot chilli peppers. Due to hot weather in Rajasthan for most of the part of the year, a drink of cool lassi with a lot of cream pervades everywhere in the market while a delight of ladoos made of gram flour are always there to please your sweet tooth.

6. Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Desert Festival of Jaisalmer, also known as Rajasthan Desert Festival attracts visitors from all over.

Attracting tourists and explorers from far and wide across the country and the world, The Jaisalmer Desert Festival is a major highlight of the city, which is loaded with amazing draws and extravaganzas to keep you busy and thrilled on your vacation. Cultural events organized during the Festival include camel races, turban tying competitions and the best of all- the tournament to judge the best moustache of all. 

Over the course of three days during which the festival is celebrated, numerous folk songs and dance performance are organized that focus on the traditions and heritage of Rajasthan. Contests such as the turban tying and moustache competition are especially popular amongst the foreigners. 

Another famous draw of the festival is the daredevil acts of fire dancers which are very much favored. This exotic and colorful affair finally comes to an end with a musical performance by folk singers under the moonlit sky on the Sam sand dunes, just outside the Jaisalmer City. 

In addition to the enjoying at the festival, tourists can take camel safaris for Thar and revel in the picturesque desert views and get entertained by the local folk performances. The event is organized with all the necessary and through arrangements keeping in mind the comfort and experience of the tourists. There are specially installed tourist help cells for foreign guests while medical emergency vans are parked to attend to any casualty. Thus, tourists can have all the fun and adventure with a free mind and without stress.

7. Salim Singh Ki Haveli

Salim Singh ki haveli has been built on the remains of an older haveli built in the late 17th century.
Constructed with a unique structure with an amazingly elegant architecture, Salim Singh ki Haveli is quite an attraction. The haveli which stands today at the site is built on an older haveli which was a late 17th century structure. The present structure was commissioned in 1815 by Salim Singh who was the Prime Minister of the kingdom, of which the Jaisalmer City was the capital at that time. The haveli is adorned with an excellent and magnificent design.

The roof of the structure is built in the form of a peacock while the front facet resemble the shape of a ship stern, due to which the building is also called the Jahaz Mahal. There are in total of 38 balconies all with a distinct and intricately designed framework and style. Like all havelis dotting the area, Salim Singh ki Haveli is also embellished with sand-stone made tuskers which look quite charming. The site remain open from early morning till 5 in the morning and remains buzzed with visitors all throughout the day.

8. Khaba Fort

The Khaba Fort in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Though almost a ruined structure now, Khaba fort was once a bustling area of residence of nearly 80 families of Paliwal Brahmins, who lived here for nearly two hundred years. However, for reasons unknown or best known to them, they deserted the place all at once and went on to settle somewhere else, the location of which is again not known. 

Therefore the place has a spooky connotations and the silence looming around the area feels mysterious sometimes. Although the place has not been isolated and deserted for always, but the story still invokes enigma and puzzle.  Nevertheless, the fort has now been converted into a museum and a site for exhibiting ancient village art and talent. Visitors can see hundreds of peacocks pervaded around the ruins that makes a pleasant sight. Otherwise, a wonderful dose of history awaits them by moving around the location and seeing the traces of lifestyles and habits of people who lived here centuries ago.

9. Patwon Ki Haveli

Patwon Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer - One of the largest havelis in Rajasthan
Patwon Ki Haveli in Jaisalmer
Patwon ki Haveli is one of the most important structures in Jaiselmer, being one of the most architecturally rich and historically valuable Havelis in the city. The structure assumes importance, primarily due to the fact that it was the first haveli constructed in Jaisalmer and also it is an assembly of 5 havelis constructed together, which is unique. The first of these structures, which is also the biggest grandest of all, was constructed in 1805 and 5 more stories were added later on. The whole edifice was however completed in about 60 years’ time. 

Today, it is a frequently visited spot and attract visitors to its threshold due to its exquisite architecture and elegant views. It is however currently in use and office of both The Archeological Survey of India and the State’s Art and Craft department are located inside the building itself. But its frequent use and consumption notwithstanding, it still has enough charm in the form of beautiful paintings, mirror world and elegant depictions on the walls to captivate its admirers. 

10. Gangaur Festival

Gangaur festival is one of the most famous and cherished festival in Rajasthan
Gangaur Festival in Jaisalmer
Gangaur festival is one of the most famous and cherished festival in Rajasthan that is celebrated with great pomp and fervor and is eagerly awaited by the locals. The festival is organized in the honor of Hindu deities of Lord Shiva and His Consort Lord Parvati from whose names the name of the festival is derived. The festival is mainly celebrated by the womenfolk who worship Goddess Parvati, praying for the welfare, success and long life of their husbands while unmarried girls pray for a good-looking and understanding partner. 

During the festival, women and girls keep a fast and decorate themselves with new clothes, jewelry and apply henna on their hands and feet. On the 7th day of the festival, women carry earthen pots which has several holes in it, on their heads and sing the praise of their Gods, while they are given gifts in the form of money, sweets, jaggary, etc. as a gift of love by the elders of the family. On the 10th day, according to the ritual, women break the pots and their pieces are thrown into a well or a tank, while the idols made by them are also immersed in the same. 

A grand procession takes place which incorporates colorful elephant shows, bullock carts, palanquins combined with the folk dance and performance by the artists. The festival attracts many tourists from in and outside the state to witness the vibrant atmosphere. It is celebrated in the month of Chaitra according to the Hindu calendar, which falls between March and April according to the Gregorian calendar.

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11. Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh, also called Barabagh is a garden complex about 6 km north of Jaisalmer on way to Ramgarh, and halfway between Jaisalmer and Lodhruva in the state of Rajasthan in India
A stunning view of the Bada Bagh in Jaisalmer
 A site of admirable structures and spots, Bada Bagh or literally the “The Big Garden” is a prominent tourist destination within Jaisalmer and has wonderful frames and complexes within its environs. Bada Bagh was ordered by Maharwal Jait Singh in the early 16th century but was completed by his son Lunakaran after his demise. Bada Bagh primarily has three major attractions; A garden, a tank and a dam. Besides there is a central pillar called Govardhan Stambh, which was built to commemorate the construction of the dam and the tank. 

The most enormous structure is however the dam measuring about 1200 feet by 350 feet. Another major highlight of the Bada Bagh is the number of beautifully carved Cenotaphs scattered all over the area. These cenotaphs or chattris as they are called locally are structures representing the rulers of the area, oldest amongst it being that of Maharwal Jait Singh himself who ruled somewhere around 1470-1506. The unique historical significance of the area combining with the allure of its surrounding area draws a large number of travelers to this place.

12. Maharaja’s Palace

Maharaja's Palace Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Maharaja's Palace in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Located at the main chowk (square) of the city, The Maharaja’s Palace is an elegant structure of five stories with carefully crafted stone balconies and window arches, making it one of the famous traveler destinations in the city of Jaisalmer. The Place or Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Center, as it is now officially called, was the erstwhile residence of the Maharaja or Rajmahal but was later converted into a museum and heritage center. 

The museum now exhibits various specimen, models and artefacts of the centuries of Rajput period, showcasing the cultural heritage, history and accomplishments of a wonderful era. The palace is open from 9 am to 6 pm for visitors and entry fees is nominal which incorporates the camera charges and charges for the audio guided tour. The topmost point of the palace is one of the highest points in the Jaisalmer city, offering a wonderful panoramic view of the entire area, which looks mesmerizing. Visitors are advised to arrive early to the site to avoid delays and rush which gather in the later part of the day.

13. Tanot Mata Temple

Tanot Mata Temple in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
Tanot Mata Temple in Jaisalmer
The incredible rendezvous of Indians with magic and supernatural have been known since the time immemorial and there are numerous tales of such kind in the popular folklore throughout its history. Tanot Mata Temple is also associated with one such fascinating story due to which it has now become a popular tourist spot for the curious visitors, both local and international. According to the legend, during the contentious India-Pakistan War of 1965, the Pakistani Army dropped several bombs to destroy the temple, fortunately and surprisingly none of which hit the temple.

Moreover, several bombs which fell in the vicinity of the temple did not even explode. Thus, the temple came to known in the area as acquainted with divine or magical powers. After the war, the management of the temple was handed over to India’s Border Security Force, whose jawans (soldiers) now man the temple. The temple now has a museum that showcases the several of the objects reminiscent of the war including the diffused and unexploded bombs.

14. Kuldhara Chudail Trail (Visit the ghost town)

Kuldhara Chudail Trail in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

One of the most popular sites in Jaisalmer, Kuldhara Chudail Trail is associated with one of the most mysterious and incredible tales which has been source of wonder and amazement for the visitors arriving in the town. Though the site now lies in the ruins, the legend associated with it has such a charm, which has made Kuldhara, a frequently visited tourist destination. The story connected to the place goes like this: Kuldhara was the dwelling place of Paliwal Brahmins since the 12th century. The village was well-planned with perpendicular streets, ending in houses along with proper rural facilities for water etc. 

However, after living in the place for many generations, one night the villagers suddenly vanished without a trace. Questions like where and why did they go kept scientists, historians and ordinary people puzzled for a long time. However, a story that is conjectured about Kuldhara is that the minister in the kingdom ruling at that time saw the young daughter of the village head at that time and wanted to marry her. He forced a 24-hour ultimatum on them to either marry the girl to him or he will forcefully enter the village and take the girl off. 

It was for saving the pride and honor of their daughter that the heads of all the 84 villages met and decided to abandon the area. But questions like how did they managed to flee all at once, that no one saw them go and could not find where they went still baffles many people who visit and get to know about Kuldhara. Out of curiosity or allure of the spooky, the place has become a famous spot and a station for offbeat travelers to Jaisalmer.

15. Paliwal Villages and the Silk Route

The Paliwal Brahmins were one of the important and well-known people of Rajasthan who used to dwell around 11th to 16th century, in this part of the state. They were merchants and part time cultivators who designed and developed indigenous irrigation systems which are still useful for the modern generation in cultivating crops like bajra, chana and vegetables in the desert region. Besides, the Paliwals were also successful businessmen and traded in various items along the famous Silk Route with China and the Middle East. 

But unfortunately one day, their drinking water supply was poisoned and they all left the village and abandoned it. However, traces of their life, history, and their irrigation systems etc. are still conspicuous here and demonstrates a flourishing city and society. Thus, the site provides an important dose of history to the tourists and archeological students arriving here to witness or study the ruins.

16. Jain Temples

Jain Temples in Jaisalamer,Rajasthan

Also included in the itinerary of the tourists thronging to the Jaisalmer town are the number of Jain Temples, located within the premises of the Jaisalmer Fort. These Jain Temples are very old (dating back to 12th and 15th century) and are an important part of pilgrimage with some archeological significance attached to them. Dedicated to the various Jain Tirthankaras (Spiritual Heads), one may easily find various animal and human figures carved on the walls. 

The temples are constructed in the famous Dilwara style of architecture and are carved out of yellow sandstone in such a style as to furnish you divine peace and harmony. The temple gates are open for visitors throughout the morning till 12 in the noon. It also hosts a library, called the Gyan Bhandar Library, which contains some of the rare manuscripts belonging to the history. 

 17. Retail Therapy or Shopping in Jaisalmer

Street Markets in Jaisalmer

A trip to any city in Rajasthan would be incomplete without taking a part of the city with you in the form of gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your near and dear ones. There is a whole variety of goods, items, show-pieces and durables etc. you can purchase from Jaisalmer. The city is famous for numerous items such as embroidery, rugs, blankets, Rajasthani mirror work, antiques and old stone work. There are both government run as well as private shops, but purchasing from any government run store will get you a better deal. 

Gifts items such as tiny, intricately-carved wooden boxes are a popular take away besides other famous items like shawls, weaves and blankets, traditional rugs etc. find a lot of buyers. Famous bazaars from where you can pick up these items are Sadar Bazar, Manak Chowk, Pansari Bazar, Sonaron ka Bass, Seema Gram, Gandhi Darshan, Khadi Gramudyog Emporium in addition various government shops. The markets are particularly buzzed during the festival times like Rakhi, Holi, Diwali, Navratri etc. where one can actually witness the vibrancy and energy of the beautiful and exquisite Rajasthani Culture.

18. Vyas Chhatri

Vyas Chhatri in Jaisalmer
Vyas Chhatri in Jaisalmer
Vyas Chattri is an assemblage of little, elaborately designed canopies of golden colored sandstone, which is a popular sunset point for people arriving in Jaisalmer. It was in fact used as a “Cremation Place” for the dead bodies of Pushkarana Brahmins over which artistic cenotaphs were built. Later on as this practice came to an end, the place became popular as a sunset point. 

The site is mainly a calm and serene point and watching the sunset from this spot is an amazing and memorable experience. Vyas Chattri is located at Bara Bagh, about a kilometer away from the main Jaisalmer city. Designed with an intricate and refined carvings, the site is named after the Sage Vyas, who wrote the famous Indian epic of Mahabharatha. This 15th century spot is now a tourist destination and is full of mesmerizing art and close carvings. 

19. The Thar Heritage Museum

Moving around Jaisalmer and catching sight of its various spots, one will come across The Thar Heritage Museum, a private museum founded and guided by a local historian and folklorist Mr. L.N Khatri. The museum hosts an amazing collection of items ranging from musical instruments, turbans, artefacts including coins, post-cards, ancient manuscripts, weapons and various sea fossils of over millions of years ago as well as kitchen equipment to be displayed on marriage, birth and death and opium customs.

A major attraction at the museum is the daily one hour puppet show at 6.30 PM organized with the narration of Mr. Khatri. The museum remains open for visitors from Saturday to Thursday from 10.00 AM to 5 PM and is an interesting place to visit.

20. NathMal Ki Haveli

NathMal Ki Haveli in Jaisalamer
Nathmal ji ki Haveli - One of the most amazing and interesting structures in Jaisalamer
Nathmal ji ki Haveli is one of the most amazing and interesting structures in Rajasthan which was commissioned initially by the Maharwal Beri Sal and which was to be the residence of Diwan Mohata Nathmal, who was the then Prime Minister of Jaisalmer. The Haveli was designed by the architect duo of Hathi and Lulu who also happened to be brothers. Complementing its intriguing structure is an interesting tale delighting the heart.

It is said that the two brothers started the construction of the building simultaneously with different facets. However, since in those days there was no means to match and track the continuity, the final structure of the building turned out to be of irregular shape. Apart from this there are many other aspects of the building worth appreciating, particularly the minute detailed work and pictures of horses, cattle and flora depicted on the walls. 

Another aspect of the haveli worth noticing is the illustration of modern (relative to those times) amenities like cars, fans etc. on the walls which the architects had never seen but only heard of. The life-size sandstone elephants located outside are amazing to observe. Overall a classic structure worth a tourist spot that should not be missed.

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Most Interesting Facts about Maharajas Express

One of the most popular luxury trains of India, Maharajas’ Express is the most recent one too. The luxury train offers five pan-Indian journeys including the most vibrant destinations, wonderful tourist attractions, breathtaking views and offering a sneak-peak into the time-honored heritage legacy of India. The journey includes a stay on -board this luxury train which is filled with world-class modern luxuries and has a royal touch in its décor as well as hospitality.

Maharajas Express: Luxury train journeys in India
Maharajas Express: Luxury Train Travel in India
Managed by the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the extravagant Maharajas’ Express started in the year 2010. The 5 celebrated journeys of the train either start or conclude in Delhi and include a visit to Agra’s Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. In the morning during every journey, the train chugs into a new destination, gets stationed at the city’s off-rail railway tracks. The visit includes sightseeing of prime destinations and attractions, special meals at hotels, royal residencies, shopping, folk performances and more. While 2 journeys include the very popular Golden Triangle tour destinations (Delhi, Jaipur and Agra), clubbed with wildlife at Ranthambore, the other 3 journeys include prime destinations of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and more.

Most Interesting Facts about Maharajas Express

The makers of the train carriages have taken their cue from the individual carriages of the erstwhile Royalty of India. The interiors boast of the same grandeur that is clubbed with modern luxurious conveniences. World-class comforts and the royal taste of the past have been amalgamated seamlessly on-board this luxury train of India, offering a 5-star stay to its guests.

Most Interesting Facts about Maharajas Express

The meals served on-board this Indian luxury train are a food connoisseur’s delight. The train has 2 restaurant coaches- Rang Mahal (Color Palace) and Mayur Mahal (Peacock Palace). The cutlery and plates are superb Limoges with gold linings on the edges, the cutlery carries the monogram of alphabet M and the glasses are festooned with special Swarovski hand-cut precious stones. The guests can savor sumptuous delicacies from a vast variety of Indian and popular World fares.

Interesting Facts about Maharajas Express

If all these temptations are not enough to allure you aboard the Maharaja Express, here are some other interest facts about this royal luxury train:

Maharajas’ Express has been voted World’s ‘Leading Luxury Train’ at the World Travel Awards, thrice- consecutively in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The train has won several other accolades and awards since its inception, the recent being the Seven Stars 2015 for the category ‘Luxury Hospitality and Life style Awards’.
  • This luxury train also found its name in the list of World’s Top 25 Trains, by The Society of International Railway Travelers.
  • Maharaja Express is flaunted as being the most luxurious train not only in Asia but also one of the most costly on earth.
  • This luxury train chugs of for a memorable journey of 7 nights and 8 days or 3 nights and 4 days on every Wednesday.
  • Maharajas’ Express is a kilometer lone with 14 guest carriages, named after precious stones like Heera (diamond), Moti (Pearl), Neelam (Blue Sapphire), Monga (Coral), Feeroza (Turquoise),  Pukhraj (Sapphire) and so on.
  • This luxury train of India traverses through the country’s landscape, offering 5 meticulously-planned journeys and covering over 12 exciting destinations.
  • Maharajas’ Express, the Indian luxury train has a total of spacious 23 carriages used as guest carriages, restaurant carriages, bar carriages, generator, parlor, and store autos.
  • The 5 journeys offer a mélange of thrilling and memorable experiences such as a visit to Taj Mahal in Agra, exploring erotica at Khajuraho temples, meeting the big cats at Ranthambore,  a visit to the World Heritage Sites of Fatehpur Sikri, Ajanta and Ellora Caves etc., Elephant Polo Match in Jaipur, early morning boat ride in Varanasi and more.
  • The other interesting feature is that all the journeys of Maharajas’ Express start and end either in Delhi or Mumbai. Both the metropolitan city are very well-connected by air, by rail and by road to the important destinations of Indian and World.
  • Stay on-board the extravagant Maharajas’ Express is an unforgettable experience where guests can avail the benefits of a 5 star luxury hotel. The list of facilities and amenities include choice between double and twin beds, en-suite bathroom with premium toiletries, DVD player, central air-conditioning, LCD, Live TV, Direct dial telephone with international calling, Wi-Fi accessibility, butlers, electronic safe, and so on.
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The Best Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon

South India presents some of the best hill stations in India for newly wedded couples looking for that perfect retreat at the beginning of their life. The romance, seclusion and breathtaking beauty offered by the hill stations in South India would be the best initiation in the new paths they are going to tread together. The serene hill stations mentioned here would help provide an intimate honeymoon for couples while the thrilling adventure spots, verdant nature and mesmerizing mountain lakes all conspire to deliver a memorable vacation for them to take back home.

Munnar – Rejuvenate your affair with the hills


At Munnar, couples can lie in the lap of luxury and enjoy some of the best days of their life together. If the marriage is during the hot summer months, then a honeymoon at Munnar would definitely be the newest and best chapter in their lives. The lush scenery on offer at Munnar would provide them with the much needed refuge and seclusion. Munnar has some of the best plush properties on offer. If you want privacy, silence and plenty of good scenery, you can come here and enjoy your honeymoon with your partner. Munnar is buzzing with tea gardens, flower shows, lakes and waterfalls, apart from the serene countryside. The best time to visit Munnar would be during the September to May period.

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Ooty – Beauty Personified

Ooty: Best Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon

Ooty is the one of the most preferred honeymoon destination and celebrated hill stations for couples starting their life together. With its perfect assortment of adventure and recreation, Ooty in the Nilgiri hills has the capacity to give you the best vacation of your life. Trekking, hand gliding, angling and of course, boating are some of the activities young couples indulge in. The extensive grasslands and the soaring mountains conjure up beautiful images that you can feast your eyes on. While on a tour along the coffee plantations, you can sip on the aromatic coffee and enjoy a lovely nature trek with your partner. The best time to visit Ooty would be anytime.

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Kodaikanal – Forever wed locked in nature’s embrace


Kodaikkanal, with its sylvan beauty is one of the best and most frequented hill stations in South India. Located on the southern part of Palani Hills, you would be mesmerized by the incredible beauty of the place, the Kodaikkanal lake and its water lilies. The breathtaking backdrops at Kodaikkanal make this spot the ideal location for photography. Apart from securing certain incredible photography moments, honeymooners can indulge in adventurous activities and visit Silver Cascade and Bear Shola Falls, Coaker's Walk, Guna Cave, Shenbaganur Museum and Berijam Lake as well. The best time to visit Kodaikkanal would be September to May period.

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Coorg – A ringside view of nature’s theater

Coorg:  Honeymoon Destinations in South India

You can guess the beauty and magnificence of Coorg by the fact that it was called the ‘Scotland of the South’ by the Britishers once. Ensconced among vibrant hill ranges, visitors can wake up to the aromatic punch of freshly made coffee while staying at the resorts at Coorg. Mornings are the most beautiful at Coorg, so make sure you don't miss them. That's when the mountains at Coorg rendezvous with the stunning skies and whisper sweet nothings. The best time to visit Coorg would be during the October to April period.

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Yercaud – Immerse in a  picturesque Aura

Photo Source
Yercaud on the Shevaroys Hills of the Eastern Ghats in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu is a very famous honeymoon destination. Apart from visiting the mesmerizing waterfalls, mesmerizing lakes and well-maintained parks, you can feast your eyes on the colonial buildings. The occasional drizzles add to the charm and beauty of the breathtaking vistas at Yercaud. An alluring destination, the best time to visit Yercaud would be during the September to May period.

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Ananthagiri Hills – Where you can hum a tune of joy

Ananthagiri - One of the most popular Hill Station in Andhra Pradesh
Image by  Nishant Shah via Flickr

Ananthagiri Hills in Andhra Pradesh promises a panoramic vista of breathtaking beauty for honeymooners looking for a perfect respite during the blistering summer months. Experience the lovely aroma emanating from the coffee plantations, the mysterious enveloping mangroves, cascading waters falling uninterrupted into their ravine while vacationing at Ananthagiri Hills. The salubrious weather makes it a gorgeous vacation spot for both tourists and couples alike. The best time to visit Ananthagiri Hills would be anytime.

Kudremukh – Magnetized at horse-shoe peak

Image by  Karunakar Rayker via Flickr

You can spark a connection with your partner at the pristine rivers, mesmerizing lakes and rolling hills at Kudremukh, a serene destination for honeymooners. Kudremukh, located at Karnataka, has a peak shaped like a horseshoe, hence the name. Also, it provides the perfect retreat for honeymooners as it is located away from the concrete jungle and away from all those busy city sounds. Kudremukh is well  known for its rich biodiversity, but still one of the best and most unexplored honeymoon destinations in South India. Apart from the sun-kissed beaches of Devbagh, Tilmatti, Karwar, Belekeri and Binaga, you can head to Unchalli Waterfalls, Satoddi Falls, Kadambi Waterfalls,  Magod Falls and Hanmangundi Water Falls for some frolicking fun. The best time to visit Kudremukh would be anytime.

Nandi Hills - Lover’s delight

Nanhi Hills

Nandi Hills is a favored spot for honeymooners because of its stunning, mesmerizing beauty and secluded spots. There might be plenty of other honeymooners at Nandi Hills, but you still get your privacy with your partner here. The destination gets its name because the hills are shaped like a sleeping bull. Once upon time, these hills served as the best getaway resort for Tipu Sultan, and now it is the hottest destination for couples. Apart from enjoying the beauty of rich mountain valleys, you would find several rejuvenating spots at Nandi Hills, all complete with steep slopes, sharp hairpin turns and even some historic spots like Tipu's Drop. The Amrita Samovar is one of the main attractions of Nandi Hills. The best time to visit Nandi Hills would be anytime.

Vagamon – Experience the joy of solitude

Vagamon is a hill station located in Kottayam-Idukki border of Idukki district of Kerala, India.
Image by jitin914 via Flickr

Vagamon has evolved to be the perfect retreat for honeymooners, thanks to its pristine air, enthralling views and undulating hills. The beauty of Vagamon can never be expressed through words, but experienced through every pore of your being. This is where couples replenish their energies and go back home, fully charged and happy. The best time to visit Vagamon would be during the September to May period.

Vythiri – A destination for lovers

Vythiri – A destination for lovers

Not many couples have started visiting Vythiri, the stunning location at Sylvan Northern High ranges of Kerala yet. So you can enjoy some of the best time with your partner and not be bothered by the regular holiday crowd. There are about 150 acres of eco-friendly ranges for couples to enjoy and it is entirely secluded, pollution-free, relaxing and refreshing. Hence, you can enjoy not just a lovely jungle getaway, but you can also enjoy the true beauty of nature. You would be truly mesmerized by the orchestra of nature sounds that you can hear from your rooms. The best time to visit Vythiri would be during the September to May period. 

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25 Best Family Holiday Destinations

Favorite childhood memories for most of us are those when we went for a vacation with our family. It is the best way to spend some quality-time with your loved ones, away from hectic schedule of our life. The world houses several such destinations that are ideal for a family vacation consisting of special family resorts and hotels and offering numerous activities that a family can indulge in together. Picking just the right place to visit with your family is an important thing so that you can have a family holiday to remember for a lifetime. The blog enlists some of the best places for family holidays in the world:

1. Sri Lanka

Find travel ideas for planning your holiday to Sri Lanka. Discover things to see and do, places to stay and more..

A strikingly lovely tropical country, Sri Lanka, lies southwards of India, looking like a drop of tear falling into the mighty Indian Ocean. This paradise-like Island has a lot to offer when it comes to planning a family vacation here. An enthralling ancient history, amazing natural setting, golden sandy beaches, reserves with exotic wildlife, remarkable mountain backdrop, rich culture, green valleys, lovely waterfalls, interesting outdoor activities like canoeing and catamaran, superb attractions, sprawling tea plantations- all make Sri Lanka a must-visit destination for a family holiday. Get up, close and personal with colorful birds, elephants and turtles.

 2. New Zealand

From the sub-tropical forests, private sandy bays, geothermal marvels in the northern side to the snow-clad mountains and mighty glaciers in the southern region, New Zealand offers magically diverse landscape features. Varied and exotic wildlife, thrilling adventure activities and natural scenery are going to enchant you completely. Your kids are simply going to lovev the locations of shooting of popular Hollywood movies like The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia. There are a number of theme parks, museums and wildlife reserves here. You and your family can also partake in adventure activities like rafting, bungee-jumping, skiing, kayaking and zorbing.

3. Bhutan


Bhutan is a wonderful place to have a vacation with your family as it has activities to keep a traveler of every age-group completely engaged. Enjoy a meeting with a Bhutanese family and relish their local food. There is so much to visit too such as Simtokha Dzong and Changangkha Lhakhang in Thimpu, and Drukgyal Dzong and Taktsang Monastery in Paro. Treat your eyes to the lovely views of Mt Everest and Mt .Kanchenjunga when you are in Thimpu. 

If you all are adventure buffs, there are trekking opportunities for you, combined with camping and wildlife viewing. Go mountain biking and exploring the remote villages and get drenched with water during rafting in Bhutan. A visit to Bhutan with family is a cultural delight too, a superb mix of relaxation and adventure.

4. Delhi


Delhi, an amalgam of a lot many things, is simply a delight for vacationing along with your family. The capital city of India, also referred to as the ‘City of the Djinns’, is a cultural delight, a shopper’s paradise, a party destination and home to numerous tourist attractions including historical and religious. 

Explore the historical and ancient monuments, get your hands on trendy stuff in the popular markets, visit the theme and water parks, savor world-popular street food, have fine-dining experiences at posh restaurant and seek lord’s blessings at the several places of worship. The night life too is quite amazing here. Do not miss the popular metro ride here with your family here. It has something for all kinds of tourists with varied likings. This city is quite absorbing.

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5. Europe


World-class museums, family-friendly attractions, historical sights, lovely unspoilt islands, storybook castles, superb beaches, varied wildlife, snow-capped mountain peaks, dense lush forests and the list of experiences in Europe continues if you are planning a vacation here. You will be spoilt for choice when it is the European continent as you have an option of more than 40 countries to pick from, each having a different attraction. 

While there are popular places like Italy, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, London, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark, there are some less-travelled places too such as Sicily, Sardinia, Turkey and Croatia. Your visit here would be an unforgettable experience.

6. Kerala


A mish-mash of tasty local food, cultural extravaganzas, age-old Ayurveda, verdant Western Ghats, serene backwaters, wonderful beaches, expansive spice and tea plantations, never-ending tourist attractions and green environment, make Kerala state, the ‘God’s own Country’, the perfect destination for a family vacation. 

National Geographic Traveller has put it in the list of ‘50 Places of a Lifetime’. You and your family has a lot to do during your tour to Kerala. Cruise in a Kettuvallam (houseboat), enjoy bird watching, partake in wildlife viewing and other adventure activities, attend superb boat races and festive celebrations, explore the popular beaches, temples and other attractions, savor scrumptious food and so on.

7. Kashmir


Blessed with matchless scenic beauty, termed with phrases like ‘Heaven on Earth’ and ‘Crown of India’, a visit to Kashmir will leave you simply enchanted. Along with the scenery, the memorable experiences also are endless. In Srinagar, go for a Shikara ride on the placid Dal Lake and visit the beautiful Mughal Gardens; In Gulmarg, do not miss the cable car ride up to Khilamgar and indulge in fun activities at snow-point. 

In Pahalgam, admire the lovely lush scenery while on the back of a pony and In Sonmarg, visit the perennial Thajiwas glacier. Do not forget to get your hands on some amazing wooden handicrafts and woolen clothes.

8. Dubai


Some of the world’s best activities during a family holiday can be done in Dubai. There is so much to do with family. There are great theme parks like KidZania, adventurous water rides at Adventure Water Park, alluring shopping malls like the Dubai Mall, thrilling Arab adventures like dessert safaris and camel rides, beautiful white sandy beach beaches for leisure moments, exciting indoor ski slopes at Dubai Ice Rank, fun activities at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, and luxury skyscrapers such as Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is a quality destination that is visited by tourists from all around the globe. The food too is superb.

9. Thailand


Sightseeing, relaxation and quality-time with your loved ones are going to be a part of your memorable family vacation in Thailand. You have an assortment of activities to indulge in when you will be here. For kids, there are wildlife sanctuaries, theme parks, beaches, museums, jungle treks etc. families can enjoy the ideal settings of the stunning beaches at Ko Lipe, Phuket, Krabi, Ko Chang and Ko Samet, away from hectic cities. 

Orgasmic food, water sports and lovely coastline would mesmerize you. The nightlife of Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok would be thrilling. Enjoy wildlife viewing while sitting on an elephant’s back. The culture, customs, royalty and history would be a delight. You can also visit during celebration of festivals like Loi Krathong, Moneky Buffet Festival and Sat Thai. Shopping here is a delight too as you can get your hands on fashionable clothes, pearls, handicrafts, artificial flowers and Thai silk.

10. Andaman

The unique islands of Andaman showcase the pristine beaches and green forests of the region.

If you and your family love the combination of a beach vacation, away from the regular touristy hustle-bustle, all of you are simply going to adore Andaman Islands. A lovely cluster of islands, located in the Bay of Bengal, they are visited by tourists for their rich marine life, stunning coral reefs, scenic beauty and serenity that is spread all around. 

There are a lot of activities that one can indulge in here such as exploring marine life in a boat with glass bottom, partaking in water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving, meeting the wildlife in the national parks and exploring the popular monuments and other man-made attractions. Andaman Islands boasts of breathtakingly beautiful Islands and beaches such as Havelock Island, Ross Island, Elephant Beach and Radhanagar beach that are famous all around.

11. Ladakh


Best known for its adventure opportunities and mesmerizing scenery, the erstwhile Himalayan Kingdom is an alluring barren land that has a rugged landscape and snow-clad peaks. There are a number of reasons that make Ladakh a famous family destination all around the globe. Stunning sights, high-altitude glacial lakes and motorable passes, lip-smacking local cuisine, ancient Buddhist monasteries, safari ride on double-humped camels and shopping are memorable experiences here.

And, if you are a family that loves adventure, there is so much for you. Partake in hiking, trekking, river rafting, mountain biking etc. treat your eyes to the mesmerizing nature. A visit during monastery fair and festivals would be memorable.

12. Mauritius


One of the most family-friendly islands in the world, Mauritius looks like a paradise with its crystal-clear waters, clean white-sandy beaches, crystal lagoons, emerald peaks, stunning surroundings, beautiful villages and green rainforest. Try your hand at adventure activities like scuba diving, trekking through the forest and snorkeling, Opting for a luxury cruise with your family to explore the vastness of the Indian Ocean would be a good idea. 

Natural wonders such as volcanic interiors, rainforests, coral reefs, islands and beaches are matchless and all worth exploring along with your loved-ones. You can go on a road trip to the nearby villages and interact with the locals. Grand Baie, Roche Zozo, Flic en Flac and Whale Rock are some of the must-visit attractions here. Shopping here is not to be missed.

13. Himachal Pradesh

With stunning snowy peaks and lush valleys, Himachal Pradesh is among country’s most popular destinations for a relaxing getaway.

One of the best destinations in India, Himachal Pradesh surely has a lot to offer to you if you thinking for a family holiday. This north Indian state has numerous hill stations that you can explore along with your family while partaking in adventure activities, exploring the green locales, enjoying the superb weather, visiting popular attractions, eating tasty food and more. 

Ride a toy train and enjoy leisure walks at the Mall Road of erstwhile summer capital of British-Shimla; satisfy your adventurous soul with activities like river rafting, zip lining, para gliding and zorbing in Manali and Solang Valley; enjoy snow-activities at Rohtang Pass; and feel close to the nature at Chamba, Dharamsala, Dalhousie and Kasauli.

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14. Maldives

The whimsical beauty of Maldives invites tourist from all over the world.

Crystal clear warm seas, white sandy blissful beaches, lush palm trees, exotic marine life, a safe environment, water sports and a plethora of holiday activities, every year, allure family vacationers of Maldives. A superb destination to explore life under the sea waters, Maldives is known for its picture-perfect scenic beauty. Located in a far-glug location amid the Indian Ocean, made-up of 26 atolls, this place has much to offer for your and your family’s indulgence. 

The smallest country in Asia, it offers endless water sports activities such as wind surfing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite boarding, water skiing and more. Maldives is also known for its world-class exotic resorts. Do not miss exploring the underwater life, shopping at the streets and enjoy memorable sunset views here. The local food would be orgasmic. Island hopping would be a great activity too.

15. Goa

A Goan vacation with your family is something that you must not miss. And, if you visit Goa once, you will wish to come here again and again. The laid-back Goa state receives a crazy number of leisure-seekers from all around the globe. Dotted with bustling street markets, fascinating beaches, beautiful churches, great clubs and more, Goa is the place to be. The place has something for all kinds of visitors- an adventure enthusiast, a wanderer or a nature lover. 

The list of to-do things in Goa is pretty long- visiting the churches of old Goa, water sports like jet skiing and para sailing at the North Goa beaches, a serene leisure walk on South Goan beaches, a sunset cruise in River Mandovi, casino-visit in the casino-cruises in River Mandovi in Panjim, shopping at the flea markets, relishing local Goan delicacies, sightseeing, dolphin-viewing and so on. Hire a bike to explore the length and breadth of Goa at your own pace.

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16. Gujarat

Akshardham Temple
Akshardham Temple
A cultural tour, a religious trip, a historical journey- Gujarat state is all this and everything else, rolled into one. A visit to this place with diverse culture is a pure delight, clubbed with amazing cities, splendid temples, historical sites, pristine coastline and exotic wildlife. Visit popular religious sites such as Somnath temple, Dwarkadhish temple, Akshardham and Haji Pir Dargah in Kutch; explore ancient cities of Dholavira and Lothal; admire the magnificent Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara, have a rendezvous with the mighty Asiatic Lion at Gir national park; indulge in fun activities at the hill town of Saputara and more. 

Famed as the ‘Land of Legends and Lions’, Gujarat is known for its handicrafts too. Get your hands on applique and path work, bead work, embroidery work and kalamkari items. Special local delicacies must not be missed. A visit during Navaratri and Rann Ustav would be unforgettable. There is a special Gandhi Circuit too that takes you to places and attractions, related to Mahatama Gandhi.

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17. Malaysia


A heady mish-mash of Island city-state of Singapore to the bustling capital of Kuala Lumpur, and from the pristine beaches of Penang and Langkawi and Penang to the exotic wildlife in the tropical rainforests of Borneo, Malaysia boasts of being of the most amazing family-friendly holiday destination. Friendly locals, an amalgam of cultures, heritage sites, high-end shopping experiences, exotic wildlife, lovely beaches and an array of activities for all age-groups allure families to this stunning place. 

Peaceful Malaysia has several destinations and attractions like parks, beaches, islands and superb cities like George Town and Kuala Lumpur that are worth-visiting. A lot of Chinese influence can also be seen here, especially during the celebration of the Chinese New year. The local cuisine is lip-smacking. If you love shopping, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi has so much for you. You can also get your hands on handicrafts at Malacca and collects them as souvenirs. 

Kuala Lumpur is for high-end shoppers. Langkawi boasts of beautiful beaches, heritage sites, kid’s attractions and natural wonders. The twin islands of Borneo and Penang are popular for wonderful coral reefs and national parks. Have a fun-filled family vacation here.

18. Australia

Camels Ride in Broome, Australia
 A great family holiday destination, Australia is a mix of some amazing activities and experiences. There is snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, memorable sunrise over Ulluru rocks, skiing at Koiosko National Park mountains, crocodile viewing at Broome crocodile park, dolphin feeding at Money Mia, swimming with the whale sharks at Gningaloo Reef, kangaroo and koala viewing, shopping in Sydney and Melbourne, water activities at Gold Coast, lip-smacking food and stay at swanky restaurants and hotels, visit to Rottnest Island, beach holiday at Patonda, snow viewing at Mt Hotham Victoria etc. Should we say more!

19. Nepal 


If you are a family that loves adventure, being amid nature and being outside, then Nepal is just the perfect destination for you. Your kids can get to hear mountain adventure tales right from horse’s mouth that is in a Sherpa’s own words. He or she can also enjoy pot making along with local village pot makers. The mountain landscape scenery along with lush fields and tiny hamlets is absolutely mesmerizing. 

Religious sites like Lumbini, Pashupatinath temple, Boudnath, Swayambhunath temple and Kathmandu Durbar Square are a must-visit. Nepal is also quite popular amidst trekking enthusiasts, be it beginners or professional trekkers. One of such trek routes is Langtang trek. Do not miss a rendezvous with the region’s wildlife at Chitwan National Park. You are going to Nepal’s serene surroundings and lush green environ.

20. Switzerland


Boasting of stimulating outdoor activities, open lush meadows, several lakes and stunning Alpine landscape and snow-capped peaks, Switzerland is an ideal destination for a family vacation. The perfect mix of chilling-out and a high adrenaline pumping, Switzerland is one of the most sought-after destinations in Europe. All about seeing, doing and experiencing, this lovely country is about visiting villages, castles, lakes, archaeological sites, meadows and churches. 

Explore the surroundings- on-foot, in a car, on-board mountain railways and riding cable cars. Skiing, biking and hiking are some of the activities that can be done here. Each of the 26 cantons of Switzerland has its own attraction, be it a man-made wonder or a natural sparkle. Some of the destinations that you must visit are Berne, Interlaken, Bellinzona, Zurich, St.Gallen, Lugano and Geneva for their historic and heritage sights, night clubs, castles, shopping experiences, art and craft and more.

21. Indonesia


Offering an array of spectacular beaches and thrilling wildlife adventures along with much more, Indonesia is a superb family holiday destination. A vacation in Indonesia is full of several adventures, from catching a glimpse of the rare Sumatran Tiger, swimming along the volcanic island of Krakatoa, spotting Orangutans in the natural surroundings, seeing the mighty Komodo Dragons and having a sneak-peak into forgotten cultures of the eastern islands. Indonesia is a charmer for the visitors of all ages because of endless fun activities. 

Visit the magnificent temples in Java, enjoy volcano climbing and snorkeling along with the sea turtles or explore the pristine islands of Lombok and Bali with lovely golden beaches, visit the friendly villagers of the world’s third largest island of Kalimantan and so on. With so much to do, Indonesia can never be boring.

22. Rajasthan

Rajasthan, India’s largest state, has a feel of both the Middle East and America’s Old Wild West, with its exotic Mughal architecture, colorful characters and arid climate.

Travel back in times of the Kings and Queen during your visit to the Royal state of Rajasthan and get a sneak-peak into the life of the royalty of the region. Stunning forts and palaces, celebrated destinations, camel safaris in the vast Thar Dessert, lip-smacking local delights, shopping at the colorful bazaars, attending vibrant festivals, visits to stunning old havelis, an elephant ride up to Amer fort’s entrance, a rendezvous with the big cat and much more can be done during your family vacation in Rajasthan. You are going to have the best of experiences. Your loved ones are going to love it here.

23. Tibet


Marvelous monasteries, spectacular high-altitude trekking routes, fabulous views of the highest mountain in the world- the Mount Everest, unique culture, extremely friendly people, lovely scenery and landscape, glistening rivers, Tibet is all this and more, making it a fantastic family destination. If you and your family are into adventure and outdoor activities, you can partake in hiking, camping and mountain climbing. The serenity and lush green environment helps you in complete rejuvenation of your tired senses. 

Tibet also holds religious importance for Hindus, Jains and Buddhist as it houses the holy mountain, called Mount Kailash. Lhasa is the place to get a sneak-peek into the old ancient Tibetan Buddhist culture and houses several monasteries and temples. Shigatse, Gyantse and Nam Tso Lake must also be visited. Your children can also enjoy horse riding. Located in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Amdo and Kham region would also be a delight and offer superb experiences.

24. Singapore


Singapore is one of those few places that have an array of activities for all likings and for all ages, making it the perfect holiday destination to visit with your family. There is so much to do and see, from entertainment, culture and art to recreational activities and natural beauty. A popular haunt of families from all around the globe, Singapore has several popular tourist attractions including Chinatown, Universal Studios, Sultan Mosque, Merlion Park, Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sand, Indian temple and Clarke and Boat Quays. 

Little India is equally popular amidst locals and tourists. A ride in the Cable Car would offer a panoramic view of the surroundings. If you have educational bent of mind, explore the several galleries and museums such as National Museum, Chinatown Heritage Centre and City Hall. Sentosa Island is not to be missed at any cost. Singapore Zoo, Jurong BirdPark, MacRitchie Nature Trail, Bukit Batok Nature Park and Botanic Garden are ideal for nature and wildlife lovers. Do not forget to indulge in shopping when in Singapore.

25. North East

Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the “Toy Train”, is listed as a World Heritage Site.

The serene, pleasant, green and enchanting North-east region of India is slightly less explored and make up for a superb location for your family vacation. The experiences it has to offer are matchless. Your kids are going to love a ride in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway’s ‘Toy Train’ and the sunrise from behind the Tiger Hill. Do not miss exploring the amazing Buddhist Monasteries. 

For adventure seekers, there is river rafting, trekking, hiking and more. Tsomgo Lake is a must visit. When in Gangtok, to do miss shopping at the London-style M.G. Road market. The scenery is going to enchant you. For wildlife viewing, you can visit Namdapha and Kaziranga National Park. This part of the country is also a place to have an insight into the tribes of India.

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