Life is indeed a wonderful journey! Synonymous to a train travel, it passes through various ups and downs, halts at wonderful phases and then again resumes the sojourn. The matchless experience allows us to meet different people. Some of them stay with us throughout the journey while some leave us en route. Thus, be it life or train journeys, both of them help us to create memories of a lifetime.

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Train Travel Quotes For Inspiring Your Next Trip

Embarking on a train takes you to a beautiful journey replete with unforgettable moments. You will be left spoilt for choice India offers in terms of trains. From high-speed trains to Indian luxury trains, there are a plethora of options to travel like never before. With this mind, take a look at these well-curated train travel quotes that will urge you to pack your backs and get going!
The invention of steam engine by James Watt immensely fascinated the erstwhile maharajas of India. Born and brought up in an environment where royalty was a tradition and opulence was an afterthought, the erstwhile maharajas of India are better known even today for their royal lifestyle and elegance. Each maharaja vied for the possession of the most luxurious rail carriage. Palace on Wheels when launched in 1982 was composed entirely of the personal carriages used by the former maharajas of various princely states of India.

The revival of that art of opulent travelling in India began with the introduction of Palace on Wheels to promote tourism in Rajasthan. Composed of the refurbished coaches of erstwhile maharajas, Palace on Wheels was flagged off on its maiden voyage on 26th January, 1982. The train was refurbished again to ply on the broad gauge with replica carriages of the original coaches to accommodate the modern amenities and technological advancements.

Palace on Wheels comprises of 14 luxurious coaches, each of which is named after an erstwhile princely state of Rajasthan. These cabins offer a seamless blend of high-end amenities with ethnic décor to recreate the opulence and elegance of the days of yore. Modern amenities such as channel music, intercom and satellite phones are also provided within the cabins.

Dining facilities on board the train has also come of age with a variety of cuisines from around the world available for the platter of the guests. To pamper the taste buds of guests, there are two restaurants available on board namely Maharaja and Maharani which offers an array of gastronomic cuisines which include Indian, Chinese, Continental and traditional Rajasthani cuisines. A well-stocked bar is also available on board which houses international brands of wines and spirits. Guests can choose to relax and unwind in the elegant lounges situated at the end of all carriages.

With a meticulously crafted itinerary, Palace on Wheels offers a majestic ride across some of the most enchanting destinations in Rajasthan along with a halt in Agra. This luxury train in India covers various destinations which include Delhi, Jaipur, Ranthambore national Park, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Keoladeo Bird sanctuary in Bharatpur and Agra.

A journey on board the Palace on Wheels is reminiscent of a royal era of Indian Maharajas known for their opulence and indulgence. With gracious hospitality, vibrant destinations and pampering facilities, Palace on Wheels is arguably one of the most special luxury trains in the world. It is no wonder that this Indian luxury train was voted as the 4th best luxury train in the world. Foray into a week long journey reverberating of romance and grandeur into the ‘land of maharajas’ Rajasthan on board the Palace on Wheels.
Indian Railways’ Buddhist circuit get a new luxury train on its route. IRCTC will start operations of the new train from December. Developed with lavish features like luxury trains in India, the train will offer an 8-day journey. The itinerary includes all those places that hold significance to the life of Buddha, such as Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Sarnath, Varanasi, among others.

Buddhist Circuit Train

The special train (rake) in colors of beige and brown is a LHB (Linke-Hofmann-Busch) model. It is manufactured in India, at Kapurthala Rail Coach Factory (RCF). Following the structure and features of Indian luxury train – Maharajas’ Express, the train similarly has many lavish amenities, many of which are tailor-made for the comfort of passengers.

Buddhist Circuit Train Coaches

Buddhist Circuit Train Coaches

Built in a short duration of only 6 months, the special Buddhist circuit train is a 12-cocah rake. There are four First AC coaches, two Second AC coaches, two dining cars, two power cars, one Third AC coach for staff and one pantry car. Statements from RCF coach factory stated that modifications are done in the rest of the train. IRCTC made specific demands in Second AC coaches, dining car, power car, Third AC coach and pantry car.

While the First AC coach can accommodate 24 passengers, the Second Ac coach has a capacity of 30.

Luxury features of Buddhist circuit train

Some unique features are namely, separate pantry for vegetarian and non-vegetarian passengers, modular bio-vacuum toilets, personalized digital lockers, Venetian windows, and shower rooms among many others.


Exteriors of Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

The new IRCTC Buddhist circuit train’s exterior has an anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping. Also as tribute to the rich heritage and culture of India, on display are numerous monuments and symbols.


Features of Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train

CCTV cameras, passenger announcement system, an advanced fire detection and suppression system, sofa with adjustable reading lights.

Modular Bathrooms: Shower rooms (for first and second AC coaches), modular fittings in the toilets such as touch-less tap, soap dispenser, hand dryer, etc.

Dining Car

Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train - Dining Car

Lavish in design and feel, the dining car onboard can seat up to 64 passengers. Dine seated at teakwood finish glass top tables. In addition, the serving area has the latest equipment. There are facilities such as plate dispenser, wine chiller, Baine marie for serving hot food, programmable coffee vending machine, microwave oven, and automatic dish washer. While you savor mouthwatering delights, enjoy pictorial views without disturbance. Each seating has stainless steel partition frames and electrically-operated venetian blind windows.


Buddhist Circuit Tourist Train - Pantry Car

Truly meant for luxury, the Buddhist circuit special train has special arrangements for veg and no-veg eating guests. Amenities here include salamander, combi ovens, electric hot plate, deep fat fryers, dough making machine, deep freezers, ice-cream chest freeze, under counter freezers, RO water dispenser and many more.


The Buddhist circuit train by IRCTC will journey through places related to Lord Buddha. From the site of birth, enlightenment, sermons, and almost every aspect of the Lord’s life, the train will have stopovers at Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Varanasi, Lumbini, Kushinagar and Sravasti.

The IRCTC tourist train aims to attract tourists from Indian and countries like Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, China as well, with huge number of Buddhist pilgrims.

This Buddhist circuit tourist train is the latest addition on the website of the Indian Luxury Trains. Know about tariff, schedule and itineraries along with booking and cancellation policy and other details of the Buddhist Circuit Special Train.

Indian Railways’ Train 18 now with a new name 'Vande Bharat Express', may soon ply on the Varanasi route. As a matter of fact, India’s first self-propelled 160 kpmh capable train was introduced to replace Shatabdi Express trains. According to the two sources in the know-how of the matter, many routes are in consideration for the upcoming train. Out of them, some also connect Varanasi.

Besides the Delhi-Bhopal route, Patna-Varanasi, Lucknow-Varanasi and other are under considerations as inaugural routes for the train. Previously, Indian Railways pointed out that India’s fastest Shatabdi on the Delhi-Bhopal route will be replaced by the first Train 18 prototype. However, the Railway Ministry hasn’t come up with any finalized route yet.

Interestingly, the manufacturer of Train 18 aka Vande Bharat Express, the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai, will start working on the second rake in December. According to an ICF official, the second rake of Train 18 is expected to be ready by February 2019. RDSO is currently working on the trials for Train 18. However, the latest air-conditioned engine-less train may run only by January 2019. Thus, there are chances that Train 18 may ply on both Varanasi and Delhi-Bhopal routes with two rakes.

What’s special about Train 18 or Vande Bharat Express?

Coaches: Train 18 is an LHB platform 16-coach air-conditioned chair car with executive and non-executive coaches.

Increased speed: The train boasts of several firsts – an all underslung self-propulsion system, rigid couplers for jerk-free rides and ability to decelerate and accelerate faster. All of these come together to reduce the total travel time and increase the speed.


  • Aircraft-like lighting and personalized reading lights
  • European-style seats
  • Automatic entry/exit doors with sliding footsteps
  • Fully sealed gangways 
  • Modular bio-vacuum toilets
  • GPS-based passenger information screens
  • Luggage racks with glass bottom
  • CCTV cameras
  • Wi-Fi-enabled pre-loaded infotainment
  • Rotating seats in the executive class!
  • Swanky pantry

RDSO is making Train 18 undergo extensive tests on various stretches of the Indian Railways network. Train 18 aka Vande Bharat Express will also undergo tests on some parts of the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani route at speed of around 180 kmph. According to the sources, the trials are expected to get completed between December 15 and December 20. Thereafter, RDSO will analyze the data and will prepare a report. The train will get a green signal to run after the final nod from the Commission of Railway Safety (CRS).

Vande Bharat Express Fares (Train 18) and Meal prices

Vande Bharat Express Routes
Fares for chair car (in Rupees)
Fares for executive class (in Rupees)
Meal prices (in Rupees)
(for chair car)
Meal prices (in Rupees)
(for executive class)

New Delhi-Varanasi
Varanasi-New Delhi
Delhi and Kanpur

Indian Railways provides an experience like never before, as Tejas Express caters to travel business-class. The ‘Make in India’ initiative, the luxury train in India is similar to business-class of an airline. The lavish executive coaches of Tejas Express have awed its passengers. In fact, it is the first time Indian Railways have allotted so many airline –like features in its air-conditioned coaches.

Improved with business-class facilities at the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) Chennai, it is an upgraded version of the 2017 Tejas Express train that was launched between Mumbai and Goa. The new and improved luxury train takes after aircraft-like business travel with comforts to a whole new level. 

Coaches of Tejas Express

  • The upgraded Tejas Express has executive chair car coach with bucket-like comfortable seats in 2+2 configuration. 
  • 56 passengers can comfortably travel in one coach. While there are 23 passenger coaches.
  • Seats are available in beige-colors which is further covered with a leather-like material.
  • Comfortable headrest and footrest are added to the comfortable seats.
  • Headrests also have a hidden snack table, which can be easily taken out according to the needs of the passengers.

Entertainment facilities

  • Also passengers can enjoy a personalized LCD screen, at the back of every seat. 
  • Entertainment options includes play music, watch movies etc.

Other amenities

  • Additionally, the coaches have airline-like amenities such as the USB charging point, personalized reading lights, and attendant call button.
  • Although the seats are not equipped with full reclining facility, it is similar in comfort level of business-class of an aircraft.
  • Automatic sliding doors, modular bio-vacuum toilets, CCTV cameras inside the coach area and the entrances, along with swanky pantry equipment.
  • Also, bathrooms in the train coach will maintain cleanliness as they have anti-graffiti vinyl wrapping.
  • In addition, mirror in the bathroom will be integrated with a ‘Make in India’ touch-enabled light.

The new Indian luxury train, Tejas Express rake has been allotted to Southern Railways and will run between Chennai Egmore and Madurai. If the track permits, the LHB model will go as high as speed of 160 kmph.

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