It’s a chug from Bangalore to Goa for the Golden Chariot Train
Operators of the Golden Chariot, Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) have announced the dates for the first seasonal trip for this luxury train which tours major destinations in South India. The 14 day journey will allow the passengers to hop in and out at any destinations included in the itinerary after spending a minimum of 3 days on board the train.
the Golden Chariot train
The Golden Chariot Train interiors - Restaurant
The Golden Chariot train offers two luxury rail journeys across destinations in South India named the Pride of the South and the Splendor of the South. In addition, this year Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) - the operators of the Golden Chariot - have announced a 14 days itineraries across the additional destinations and attractions which includes combination of both the itineraries earlier offered by the Golden Chariot. The 14 day trip will allow the passengers to hop in at any of the destinations and hop out too after 3 days of journey on board the train. Feel free to visit the website of the Golden Chariot train for more information on this luxury trains in India.

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