Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Facilities: Truly Worth its Cost

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is a popular name in the segment of luxury train tour. The brain child of Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation (RTDC) and the Indian Railways, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels was launched to accommodate the growing demand of luxury rail journeys in Rajasthan. Its launch was planned due to the exceptional popularity attained by Palace on Wheels for its opulence, refinement and facilities and its lucrative admirers were finding it difficult to get a vacant seat. 

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels Facilities
Deluxe Saloon:The Extraordinary Suite on board Roayal Rajasthan on Wheels
Therefore in 2009, RTDC decided to launch another luxury tourist train in Rajasthan to increase foreign tourism in Rajasthan. The makers of Royal Rajasthan on Wheels train left no stone unturned to make it ten times more luxurious than Palace on Wheels. All the furnishings and facilities were infused with minute detailing and utmost care. In this blog, I have listed some key facilities and services provided on board this Indian luxury train.

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