Maharajas' Express Dining

Maharajas' Express Dining: Elegance up front and skills behind the scene.
Maharajas' Express is renowned for its all round performance. Be it tastefully crafted journeys, an array of insider experiences or the amenities and impeccable service on board. Another exclusive feature which sets Maharajas’ Express apart from other ‘luxury trains in India’ is the variety of cuisines served on board and fine dining.

There are two exquisitely designed and decorated dining cars each with seating capacity of 42 so that all guests could dine together. Be it the Rang Mahal with gold floral motif on hand-painted ceiling or the Peacock Restaurant mirrored-mosaic tiled ceiling, dining on board is out of the world experience.

Shared below are photos of guest dining in elegant and opulent dining cars of Maharajas’ Express along with images from the pantry to give you a peek into the action behind the scene which makes Maharajas’ Express dining such a fine experience.

Enjoy and do leave a comment or two about your thoughts on dining on board World's Leading Luxury Train.

Peacock Restaurant, Maharajas' Express Dining
A guest savoring delectable varieties of food on her platter inside Peacock Restaurant of Maharajas' Express

 Gourmet food served on board the Maharajas' Express
Gourmet food served on board the Maharajas' Express

Maharajas' Express Dining
Even while dining you could soak in the views offered by panoramic windows as in these case there are desert ship of Rajasthan

Mayur Mahal Dining Car

Fine Dining on board Maharajas Express
The plates are fine Limoges, edged with gold, the glasses hand-cut crystal, and the cutlery monogrammed with the letter M.

Maharajas' Express Pantry Car
Because presentation does matters: Chef adding garnish

Maharajas Express cutlery
Cutlery monogrammed with the letter M.

Cuisine on board Maharajas' Express
Cuisine on board Maharajas' Express is prepared using fresh ingredients

Food Option: Maharajas' Express Dining
Fresh fruits are being prepared to be served: Maharajas' Express Dining

Kitchen Staff, Maharajas' Express
Butler with fruits and salads prepared for the guests
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