Why Choose Indian Railways for Traveling in India

Man is a social animal. He loves socializing and traveling gives him a great opportunity to reach out to various parts of the world to learn about various cultures and lifestyle. India being rich in varied culture and heritage, traveling to various parts of India makes an interesting and informative study. The best option to travel the length and breadth of India would be to opt for train journey. Indian railways network is huge covering almost all parts of the nation and hence, it is naturally the top favorite for the traveling lot. People prefer traveling by train more than by flight and bus.

Duronto Express by Nikhil
Indian Railways Photograph
Railway Tracks Wins In Its Race with Road and Air 
Trains offer the best to every traveler, as the rates are economical and the journey comfortable. Trains give you an opportunity to interact with more people and you feel a sense of belonging as train journey is always near to the hearts of people. Trains are comfortable for all ages and all wallets. Above all, as mentioned it is wise to go green with train journey and act your part in saving the environment.

Contributed by Himanshu who writes at Trans India Travels: http://www.transindiatravels.com/

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