Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kerala

13 Attractions you should never miss on a Kerala Tour

God’s Own Country, Kerala, is a sought-after travel destination when it comes to find a place that complements vacation with peacefulness and unwinding experience.

In the introduction of the state, attributes such as tranquil beaches, majestic hill stations, waterfalls, stunning backwaters, wide range of biodiversity, lush greenery, exotic art forms, delicious cuisines, lush greenery, rich heritage, architectural splendor, and a lot more.

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Kerala is one of the few tourist places in India which could be visited round the year irrespective of the season. Whereas during summer, there are hill stations and dense forests, in the winter one could go explore the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the state.

Come monsoon and tourists from all part of the world head to Kerala for Ayurvedic therapies in India. Ayurveda, the ancient science of healing and rejuvenation is a major draw of Kerala.

So whatever may be the season, take your pick and plan your holiday in Kerala. We have listed some of the most prominent places to visit in Kerala for an unforgettable holiday in India.


backwaters of alappuzha in kerala
Alappuzha - Enchanting Backwaters in Kerala
Alappuzha/Alleppey, popularly known as the ‘Venice of East’, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kerala. There are numerous canals, lagoons and lakes that serve as the lifeline of Alleppey. Raja Keshawadasan, Divan of Travanacore, founded Alleppey in 1762. 

Numerous coconut trees and pristine backwater adorn the place. The pleasant climatic condition also plays crucial role in making the place a must visit travel destination. Thus, Alappuzha is a place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing vacation.
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Bekal Fort Beach - A Scenic Seaside with a Wonderful Historic Fort
Bekal Fort - The largest fort in Kerala
Though being a small region, the natural setting of the place also attracts tourists from all parts of the globe to visit Bekal. The region lies in the Pallikare village in Kasargod district of Kerala. There are numerous architectural splendors that make this small region a worth visit destination. The tranquility is also one of the major attribute that makes this a relaxing destination.

Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi -God is in the Small Things – Places to Visit in Cochin
Fort Kochi - Popular Tourist Places in Kerala
In the list of popular tourist places in Kerala, Kochi occupies a prominent destination. The region is beautifully set  with the Arabian Sea in the west and Western Ghats in the East.  The World Travel & Tourism Council also acclaims the destination as one of the top three tourist destinations.

Along with this, Fort Kochi has also acquired a prominent position in ‘50 greatest places of a lifetime’ by National Geographic Traveler's. There are numerous attractions, among them the Chinese Fishing Nets that win the heart of travelers.


Kovalam - Internationally Renowned Tropical Beach
Kovalam Beach in Kerala
Kovalam, city with four sandy bays, is located at a distance of 16 km from Kerala. The name ‘Kovalam’ means ‘groove of coconut trees’. In 1930, the prominent beach resort outpaced the obstacles and emerged as the beautiful tourist attraction in South India.

Travelers looking for a place to redefine tranquility, Kovalam is the destination to be. There are beautiful beaches to win the hearts of guests and enjoy the sand, water and sun. The pleasant climatic conditions also play crucial role in making the place an enjoyable experience.
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Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom, Kerala
Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom, Kerala
Kumarakom, the tropical city, is another must visit destination in Kerala. There are beautiful islands around the popular Vembanad Lake also attracts tourists from all across to spend a memorable vacation. Additionally, lush greenery adds to the unspoilt tranquility of the place.

There also are various picnic spots making it an ideal destination for family vacationers. This place is also a paradise for honeymooners and an inspirations of great ideas for honeymoon and romance in India.

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Munnar - One of the most popular Hill Sations in South India
Munnar - One of the most popular Hill Sations in South India
Munnar, a beautiful hill town, located at an altitude of 6000 ft is a paradise for honeymooners. The destination had served as an ideal summer retreat for British Colonies.

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Along with tranquility and natural beauty, the exotic flora and fauna also attracted tourists to visit in Munnar. Lush greenery also adorns the place and wins the hearts of the visitors.
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Thekkady in Idukki - One of the famous tiger reserves

Thekkady acquired a prominent position in the list of major tourist destinations in India. Along with scenic beauty, the exotic wildlife is also one of the major attributes attracting tourists from all round the globe.

Along with nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts also get their interest fulfilled. Lush greenery also makes the place appear a real paradise for travelers.


Varkala Beach in Kerala

Varkala, along with meeting the interest of nature lovers and honeymooners, also fulfills the requirement of adventure lovers. There are numerous thrilling activities such as parasailing and paragliding organized.

Along with this, there also are temples that serve to the architectural splendor of the place. Beaches are also a heart-winning place here to enjoy quality time with family, friends and a special someone.


Wayanad in Kerala

The name Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu, which means Paddy fields (Vayal) and land (Nadu). Being cozily settled in the mist clad mountains, lush greenery and intense forests, Wayanad serves as a great tourist destination for nature lovers and honeymooners.

Moreover, this hill town is also praised for excellent climatic condition and exotic flora and fauna.


Periyar in Kerala

Periyar is a praiseworthy destination in India for providing shelter for an exotic range of fauna and flora. The national park was established in 1982 with the core area of 140 sq mi (350 sq km) out of the total area of 357 sq mi (925 sq km).

The Periyar national park provides shelter to about 35 species of mammals, 265 species of birds, 45 species of reptiles, 40 species of fish and about 160 butterfly taxa.

The range includes both preserved and endangered species. Additionally, the national park is also a must visit for nature lovers as there are about 140 species of orchids and 171 species of grass.
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 Thrissur Pooram - the most famous festivals in Kerala
Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur
Thrissur is the short name for Thrissivaperror which is named after Lord Shiva. The cultural and spiritual richness is one of the major attribute that wins the hearts of the visitors. The place is also praised for housing various artistic, cultural and academic institutions.

The scenic beauty of the place has also won the hearts of the visitors and attracted them to live a memorable experience. Vadakkumnathan temple is one of the must visit architectural splendor, which is devoted to Lord Shiva.


Gavi in Kerala

Gavi is a small village in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. The village is a must visit destination in Kerala as there is bountiful of natural beauty. There are evergreen forests which are praised for excellent wildlife.

One can spot tiger, leopard, elephant, sambar, mouse deer, Indian gaur, bear, lion tailed macaque, barking deer and Nilgiri marten. Along with this, the forest is also a paradise for bird lovers as there are almost 250 species of birds including both native and migratory.


Kuttanad in Kerala

Kuttanad is a praiseworthy destination identified for various paddy fields and beaches. The region is segregated into three divisions namely Lower Kuttanad, Middle Kuttanad and Upper Kuttanad.

The place has also played a crucial role in the history of South India. One can also find a few Buddhist sites as the place also serves as a center for Buddhism. The temperature is pleasant and thus, encourages the visitors to enjoy outside activities to the fullest.
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