How to Book Train Ticket in India If You Are a Foreigner

You are probably terrified by the misleading photographs of jam-packed Indian Railways and people hopped atop. Apparently, this is not the case. Though there are times when you might get caught in a situation like this and pray for a savior from those stinking armpits and witty pick-pocketing. It is not for them but this also might be smothering to you.  I don’t mean to scare you, but to make you feel the need to be on the safer side when it comes to Indian railways. India has the most extensive and ever growing railway network and a blessing from the British Raj. This is indeed the cheapest medium to travel to long distances. Everyday thousands of people who transverse using Indian Railways.

Book Train Ticket in India
Indian Railways is the property of Indian government and the government works to make sure that this service is accessible to every class of the society without any discrimination and thus the rates have been set to a rather more affordable parameter.

Getting a ticket VS getting a reservation:

Let’s take it this way getting a ticket is like having a cookie, but getting a reservation is having a cake with nutella icing!

Yes, you can book your tickets even a week prior to the journey of the train. You can get a ticket anytime. But reserving a seat, especially during peak season, is a massive fuss. So, in order to grab this cake with nutella icing, you need to book for your cookie a lot earlier. Sometimes you can travel with only ticket but no seat and not get caught by the T.T.  (ONLY if you are lucky!)

Usually it’s recommended that you book a ticket at least one or two months prior. As the day comes nearer, many people with confirmed registration cancel their tickets due to their own reasons which further get transferred to others with no confirmation of reservation.

Coming further, here are the different classes the Indian Railways have. Please take note that not all the trains have all the sections and it differs from train to train. So, kindly make sure that you are not expecting too much.

Sites for online reservation:

Keep your passport and proof of the date to arrival in India handy as you might need them for the booking.

These are the preferred sites if you want to book tickets in Indian Railways (Please note, the booking timings are 1:30 am to 11:30 pm according to the Indian Standard Time).  Though there are other sites too but they might not accept foreign credit cards

Indrail pass: Indrail pass is something with which you won’t have to book tickets for a period of 90 days. But obviously you will need reservation.  This pass is specially recommended if you are planning to travel to different cities of the country during your visit. Seek the assistance of an authorized agent and just like tickets you need to apply for Indrail pass a few months prior to your journey. You can indeed book for it 360 days earlier. It takes at least two months for foreign travel agents to get the Indrail pass.

Tips and warnings:
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